Recover Deleted Photos on Pentax K-50 Mid-Range DSLR Camera

Pentax K-50 Mid-Range DSLR is not only going to have 20 different kinds of colors, but also have a 6 color choices for their grip. With this, the buyer can choose from over 120 different color combinations for their DSLR cameras. Pentax K-50 is a much simpler and cheaper version of the K-500 predecessor. The new Pentax camera has a resolution of 16 MP CMOS lens along with a wide range of sensitivity and 11 point autofocus system track. This camera also has an optical viewfinder with 100 percent field of view.

As in the previous Pentax camera, DSLR cameras also have a resistance to weather and dust. 81 seals belonging to Pentax K-50, will protect the circuit-camera to any kind of weather are taken. K-50 is also equipped with a 3-inch screen with 921,000 dot resolution LCD screen. In addition to shooting, Pentax K-50 camera can also record full HD video with 30, 25, or 24 fps. While not having an HDMI port, this camera has been equipped with a USB output.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos?

  1. Download and install photo recovery software on your computer, for example I use FreeUndelete
  2. Connect your camera memory card to a computer with a card reader
  3. Run the FreeUndelete program
  4. Select the drive you want to restore the file (your camera memory card) and click the SCAN button on the top of the list of drives.
  5. Once the scan is finished the program will display the data that had been removed in the right window. Select the file in the file list to recover, then click Undelete button to restore the deleted data.


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