How to Recover Deleted Photos on Fujifilm FinePix S8400W Superzoom camera

Early 2013, Fujifilm announced its camera range to enliven superzoom camera segment, the FinePix S8400W. The virtue of the features of the digital camera is already clear is featured superzoom lens with a range of up to 44x optical zoom. However, the Japanese camera company hopes, with the superzoom features can provide a different experience for its customers, especially for lovers of superzoom digital camera.

Fujinon lens range 44x optical zoom reach (equivalent 24-1056mm) on the Fujifilm FinePix S8400W, it has been combined with BSI-CMOS sensor 16 megapixel resolution. So that the images obtained do not reduce quality, while utilizing the zoom range. This superzoom camera also offers the ability to speed in a photo shoot in a row as fast as 10 fps, using manual exposure mode and auto-focus response rate achieved just 0.3 seconds. In addition to the ability to obtain an optimal image results, FinePix S8400W superzoom that has been equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen 460,000 dots, as well as an electronic viewfinder, can record 1080i60 quality video with stereo audio output.

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Along with the development of digital cameras currently available, some of the latest Fujifilm digital camera is equipped with WiFi connectivity for easy transfer to multiple devices. Similarly, in this FinePix S8400W superzoom camera, which has been equipped with its connectivity features, by utilizing Fujifilm Camera Application. By installing Fujifilm Camera Application, on a variety of devices such as smartphones and tablet gadgets based on Android or iOS, the FinePix S8400W users can perform a variety of easy to share photos or directly upload photos to multiple social media sites such as the famous Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

According to several user reviews, they have praised Fujifilm FinePix S8400W for the lens has the ability to capture macro images just 1cm from your subject. Also some users have complained it for the microphone is weak and the audio sounds weak on the camera during playback.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Fujifilm FinePix S8400W?

  1. Download and install photo recovery software on your computer, for example I use Pandora  Recovery
  2. Connect your FinePix S8400W memory card to a computer with a card reader
  3. Run the Pandora program, then will appear “Pandora Recovery Wizard”, and then click the “Next” button
  4. Select “No, i did not find my files” if we do not find important files in the Recycle Bin
  5. Select the drive that we will scan (your camera memory card)
  6. There are 3 methods Recovery (can be selected as needed), Here I select the third option.
  7. Select the type of file we are looking for
  8. Click “Start Disk Surface Scan” and wait for the scan process. Scan results will appear in the right column.

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