VOX VDL-1 Dynamical Looper Factory Reset

VOX VDL-1 Dynamical Looper is a stomp box looper with two available loops, and a limited facility for pre and post loop effects. It comes loaded with quality effects and armed with the tools you need in order to record and play with loops live. Thanks to the VDL1 Dynamic Looper’s sound-on-sound recording functions, you can add infinite layers to each loop. There are also 11 types each of these Pre and Loop effects and the Dynamic Looper has 100 onboard programs (50 preset and 50 user), each of which offers settings for the Pre effect and Loop effect, and the assignment for the pedal treadle.

According to several user reviews of VOX VDL-1 Dynamical Looper, some users have praised it for the excellent versatility; Two loops at once; Nice range of effects; built-in multi-effects. But some users also have complained for the No volume control knob; No onboard way of saving loops; Effects bypass could be better implemented.

vox vdl1 dynamic looperImage source: voxamps.com

Factory Reset:

To restoring the factory settings of the VOX VDL-1 Dynamical Looper, first power on while simultaneously holding the CANCEL button and the PRE FX TARGET button until “Int,” appears in the display and then release the buttons. Finally, press the WRITE button to execute the factory reset. When the programs have been initialized successfully, “CP” will appear in the display.

Warning! This procedures will initialize any programs that you’ve saved, returning all of the settings to the values when the VDL-1 Dynamical Looper was shipped from the factory. So be sure you want to return the VDL-1 Dynamical Looper to its factory default state before continuing with this procedure. Hopefully the article of VOX VDL-1 Dynamical Looper Factory Reset was useful.

Reference : VDL-1 Dynamical Looper Manual