Returns All of the Roland AX-Synth’s Parameters to Their Factory Settings

The Roland AX-Synth is a keytar that is manufactured by Roland Corporation, and was released in late August 2009. As keytars go, the AX-Synth a gorgeous beast. Roland created a design that feels current and just edgy enough, without resembling a self-parody or something from a bad ’80s movie. This modernized instrument builds on the features of its predecessor, the Roland AX-7. Structurally, the AX-Synth is solid and durable. Though it’s impressively light, the keys, buttons, and molded plastic casings all feel reassuringly resilient, even under rapid-fire, two-handed percussive assaults.

According to several reviews, They have praised a Roland AX-Synth for the Looks great and feels nicely balanced; Very playable, easy to control and simple to navigate; Onboard sounds are a real bonus and are generally very useable. Also, some users have complained it for more hardware control would have been nice; Multi-function buttons make it impossible to quickly transpose octaves and switch tones from the neck alone.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring a Roland AX-Synth’s Parameters to Their Factory Settings, first power on while simultaneously holding the VARIATION [INC/+] + [DEC/–] + TONE [7] (ORGAN/CLAVI) buttons. When the display shows the “FCt” message, press the WRITE button to start the Factory Reset operation. Finally, when the “dne” message appears on the display, switch the AX-Synth off, and switch it back on.

Warning! This procedure returns all of the AX-Synth’s parameters to their factory settings. Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. Hopefully the article of “Returns All of the Roland AX-Synth’s Parameters to Their Factory Settings” can help you.

Reference: Roland AX-Synth manual