Resetting the Samson Graphite 49 to Factory Preset

Samson are a company usually associated with sound reinforcement: PA systems, microphones, mixers, amplifiers and the like. The Graphite 49 and Carbon 49 keyboards represent Samson’s first foray into a burgeoning market of MIDI controllers. The Samson Graphite 49 is an upgrade from its forerunner; the Samson Carbon 49. The Graphite offers the same 49 semi-weighted, velocity sensitive keys with the addition of aftertouch (a nice little bonus) and has nearly identical octave and transpose buttons, but offers many more bells and whistles than the Carbon. With 4 drum pads, 8 encoders, 9 faders and 16 function buttons the Graphite gives you what you’d want from a controller for the studio and live performance alike.

According to several user reviews, they have praised Samson Graphite 49 for the integrated iPad stand; Dedicated Transpose and Octave buttons, classic Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels; Velocity-sensitive keys; Shift key adjusts up to 14 performance-related control parameters; Features traditional MIDI out, sustain-pedal input and USB connections. Also, some users have complained it for the iPad Camera Kit connector not included. Not trully weighted keys, which could make it hard for more serious or sensitive playing.

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Preset Reset:

  • Press the [SETUP] button to enter Setup Mode
  • “Reset No” will appear in the Operation area of the display. Press DATA + (or numerical key 1) to switch it to “Yes”.
  • To execute the function, press the [ENTER] button.

Warning! This operation returns all settings you’ve made in the menus to their factory-set condition. Be sure that you want to do this. This procedure also applies to the Graphite 25 unit. Hopefully the article of “Resetting the Samson Graphite 25 to Factory Preset” can help you.

Reference: Samson Graphite 25 manual