Resetting Adobe Premiere Settings to Default

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Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing program based non-linear editor (NLE) from Adobe Systems. Adobe Premiere Pro is a video processing program of choice for professionals, especially those who like to experiment. The program is widely used by film maker / soap opera, Broadcasting, and television. Adobe Premiere Pro has about 45 video effects and 12 audio effects, which could be to change the pattern display and animate video and audio clips. Some effects require high quality graphics card. However, the effect of 45, only 3 effects that require high-end graphics cards (eg. AMD or NVIDIA), to be applied to video clips. You can also add the effect of third-party products that support Adobe Premiere Pro.

In addition, Adobe Premiere Pro also has about 30 kinds of transition (switching between clips) so that the transition between the video clip to the next video clip more dynamic. Just as effects, some tranisi also require high quality graphics cards such as AMD or NVIDIA. There are 5 transitions that require AMD or NVIDIA graphics card to be applied. Adobe Premiere Pro has important features, such as Capture (video recorder) Monitor, Trim (clip cutting tools) Monitor, and Titler (text maker title) Monitor. In the video effects Adobe Premiere Pro there are Keyframe such as those in Adobe After Effects.

Adobe Premiere Pro resetImage source:

Trashing the Prefs:

A faster way to delete preference file is to hold down the ALT key while you launch Adobe Premiere.

If you want to delete the preference files manually:

  • Windows: UserFolder>Documents>Adobe>AdobeProductName (like Premiere Pro)
  • Mac: UserFolder>Documents>Adobe>AdobeProductName

Inside of this, there is a folder with a number (usually 4.0 for CS4).  Delete it and restart the Adobe Premiere. Read also “How to Resetting Adobe Lightroom to the default Camera raw settings?” and another guide. Hopefully thearticle of Resetting Adobe Premiere Settings to Default useful for you.

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