How to Resetting Adobe Lightroom to the default Camera raw settings?

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Adobe Lightroom is a photography software developed by Adobe Systems for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, designed to help users to manage large amounts of digital photos and also do post processing. Lightroom combines photo management and editing in one application. Lightroom is not a file browser, but more database application which helps to view, edit, and organize digital photos. Since its launch in 2006, has reached the Lightroom version 4.3 which was released in December 2012 but it does not support Windows XP since from version 4.0.

Lightroom is a good photo editor, of course, because it is made by Adobe that is a specialist in that field. Lightroom can do everything better than the product, such as Picasa or iPhoto. You can adjust the white balance, modifying the level of exposure, adjust color, fix blemishes and remove “red eye” also sharpen and re-crop the photos. What is special, from the editing on Lightroom is that it can work on RAW files and non-destructive character, meaning that it can improve the image without disturbing the pixels of the original image. In addition, the type of editing can be done on many photos at once so they can save a lot of time in the work – where it differs with Photoshop.

Adobe Lightroom 5 resetImage source:

Resetting Adobe Lightroom:

Press following keys, if you want to reset the selected image to the default Camera raw settings:

  • Command + Shift + R (Mac)
  • Control  + Shift + R (Windows)

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