How To Reset Oil Service Light On VW Volkswagen Passat (2000-2013)

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Hi there everybody. This post it’s going to be short content to show you how to reset the 10,000-mile service light that appears on the VW Volkswagen Passat to remind you of your oil change interval.

So if you exceed the specified service interval, the service minder with the wrench light will blink on the dash, and you need to reset it after an oil change. Anyway, I put this post up for all that stuff. And for those of you who read, I very much appreciate it.

How To Reset Oil Service Light On VW Volkswagen Passat

How To Reset Oil Service Light On VW Volkswagen Passat

For your info, this operation work for the VW Volkswagen Passat B5.5 B6 B7 (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 model years).

2000-2004 Passat (B5.5)

In this section, I’ll show you how to reset the service light on the old VW Passat. So to reset the service message, basically what we need to do is:

  • First of all turn the ignition off
  • Then push the TRIP button and hold it down
service reset on vw volkswagen b5.5 with trip knob
  • Next, turn on the ignition
  • Once everything light ups release the TRIP button and then turn the Clock Adjustment button (left knob) clockwise so the service now light should be off

2005-2009 Passat (B6)

If your vehicle Passat B6 this procedure is for you.

  • So first of all hold down the 🔧 wrench button with the ignition off
service reset on vw volkswagen with wrench button
  • Then turn on the ignition
  • Once the lights up release the 🔧 wrench button and then press the MIN button

2010-2013 Passat (B7)

There are various ways to reset the service light in this generation. In this section, I will show you guys how to reset the oil service with three different things, and you have to know there’s a way to reset it.

With Cluster Button

Time needed: 3 minutes.

In this section, I will do the procedure for resetting the service interval to Volkswagen Passat B7. The process is similar to the B6 model in the version without text messaging. The resetting can be done as follows:

  1. Turn off the ignition

    First, you need to turn your engine off or turn the whole car off

  2. Hold down the RIGHT button (00/SET) while turn on the car

    Push the 0.0/SET button on the dash and hold it and when we do that we’re going to turn on the ignition
    oil service reset with 0 button on volkswagen

  3. Press the ❏ button once

    Next, let go of the 0.0 button and within 20 seconds we’re going to come to the left side and push the ❏ button so that should reset it

With Steering Button

  • Turn on your car
  • After that, you’re going to scroll over to the dash by using the arrows button to find the SETTINGS menu
Passat B7 steering wheel
  • Next scroll down to the SERVICE and then press OK to get in
  • Highlight RESET and hit OK
  • Select OK to perform the serviice reset

With Wiper Stalk

  • Turn on your car
  • Press and hold the TRIP button to get in the main menu
vw volkswagen service light reset
  • From there go to SETUP or SETTINGS and press OK to select
  • Under setup, with the Trip button go down to the SERVICE
  • Highlight and then select RESET
  • Select OK to carried out the the service reset

So it’s just that easy. I hope that you learned what you needed. Have a great day, and I hope everything works out for you. Leave a comment below if you have any specific questions that you need me to answer or if you didn’t get this to get back to you and share this with other people. So thanks a lot for reading.

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