Reset a TC Electronic BG250 Bass Combo Amp

TC Electronic has made a big splash with their TonePrint pedals, and now they’re bringing that sonic flexibility to a bass combo amp. The BG250 is a 250watt bass combo amp, TC advertise it as a super lightweight combo with loads of features. Weighing in at only 35 lbs., the BG250 pounds out 250 watts through a single 15″ speaker. The 15″ Neodymium magnet speaker is a major factor in its lack of weight. The controls are simple: Gain, a three-band EQ and tube drive control that brings in a distorted tone, calibrated for bass guitar, and a master volume. TC Electronic built in their innovative TonePrint technology so you can upload new effects to your amp in just a few seconds via your smartphone. Other features include a balanced output that can be sent either pre or post eq, built-in tuner for 4 or 5 string bass, mute button which also mutes the balances output as well as the headphone and speaker, aux in for practicing along with CD’s and such, a studio quality headphone amp, a passive/active input for your bass which will adapt to your bass wether it is passive or active.

According to several BG250 Bass Combo Amp reviewers, some users have praised it for the Smooth, even tones; smart phone app for new FX; Super-versatile midrange control; great sound. Also, some users have complained it for the Input section somewhat sensitive to clipping; Could use a dedicated compressor.

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Factory Reset:

The only way to restoring the factory settings in your BG250 amp, you should uploading the factory TonePrint to the pedal. It is called the “Classic Chorus” and can be downloaded via the TonePrint app or from the website. Please click HERE to downloading the factory TonePrint from TC-Electronics website.

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