Performing a global reset in Yamaha DGX200 Electronic Keyboard

The Yamaha DGX200 is the ideal keyboard for those who want a portable music keyboard, but are not satisfied with only 61 keys. It comes with 76 piano-size Touch Sensitive keys. The Yamaha DGX200 comes with a number of outstanding features. For example, there’s a feature called Portable Grand which is one of the most realistic piano sounds that one can find on portable keyboards.

What you get with the Yamaha DGX200 is a power outlet, an output jack, sustain pedal 1 and 2 MIDI; 605 sounds; 135 Styles with 2 variations for each, the possibility of breaks, to insert an intro and outro one; Song which provided 200 100, + 5 sites to register with 6 tracks each limited to 1000notes for all; 8 reverb, 4 chorus and 38 different.

Yamaha DGX-200 202 resetImage source:

Factory Reset:

To restore your Yamaha DGX200 to the factory preset condition, just simply power ON while simultaneously holding the highest “(rightmost) WHITE key” and highest “(rightmost) BLACK key” on the keyboard.

Warning! This procedure will erase all data listed above, plus loaded song data. Before you perform this operation, check whether there is any data you want to keep. This procedure also applies to DGX202 unit. Hopefully the article of “Performing a global reset in Yamaha DGX200 Electronic Keyboard” can help you.

Reference: Yamaha DGX200 manual