Maintenance Required Light Reset on 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser

Maintenance Required Light Reset on 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser – The Land Cruiser is a large-size SUV from Toyota.Car name “Land Cruiser” has been used since June 1954, is currently (as of 2018), as the car made in Japan, which is continuously produced in one of the car’s name has the longest history of more than 63 years. Besides being one of the world’s most prestigious cross-country 4WD models, its durability has received high praise around the world.

4 and the large-patterned body of the door, advanced and have the luxury equipped “station wagon”, mainly to expand the variety of models as for business applications “70 heavy system” (heavy duty), and, “70 light system” (Light duty, car name in Japan is SUV of “Land Cruiser Prado” which evolved from the Land Cruiser wagon. In Japan, it is also used as interviews vehicles and relay cars of each of the broadcasting stations, including NHK.

Maintenance Required Light Reset on 2016 2017 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser:

To turning off the Oil Change Maintenance Reqd Light on 2016 2017 2018 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser, conform to the following instructions:

  • Turn the ignition key to position “ON” (II) without starting the engine, If your vehicle has a Smart key button, press the “Start” button twice without touching the brake pedal.
  • Select  on the multi-information display using the navigation button (located on the steering wheel)

  • Scroll down and highlight “SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE” and then press the ENTER button
  • When a confirmation dialog appears, select “YES” and then press the ENTER button

This procedure should apply to the latest generation of the Toyota Land Cruiser (2016 2017 2018 2019 models). Hopefully, the article of Maintenance Required Light Reset on 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser useful for you. Good Luck!