Initialize the Analogue Solutions Europa to Factory Preset

Europa is a hardware sequencer, and drum computer with support for up to 17 tracks and a number of clever features for live editing and syncing with other equipment. This is a pattern-based sequencer consisting of 16 monophonic note tracks and a drum track. It’s drum track generates analogue triggers alongside its MIDI notes, while the note tracks deliver MIDI only. The Europa is much simpler to operate than most of its rivals, and a quick scan of the very comprehensive manual is all it takes to get started.

According to several Europa reviewers, some users have praised it for the 17-track MIDI step sequencer and drum computer; TR-808/606-style programming; Clock and trigger outputs for interfacing with analogue gear. Also, some users have complained it for the Biased towards MIDI; Not quite ‘one function per key’.

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Factory Reset:

To reset your Europa, just simply power on while simultaneously holding the OCT+, OCT- and RESET buttons. The Factory Reset procedure is complete.

Warning! When you execute “Factory Reset”, the settings you made will be lost. Be sure you want to erase the memory and return the Analogue Solutions Europa to its factory default state before continuing with this procedure. Hopefully the article of “Initialize the Analogue Solutions Europa to Factory Preset” was useful.

Reference : Europa manual