How To Reset The Boss VE-5 To Restoring The Factory Settings

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The VE-5 Vocal Performer is a vocal effects processor that is made for the live musician. It is a compact and mobile personal effects processor and looper for vocalists. Featuring a simple-to-use tabletop design easily attachable to a mic stand for performing, the VE-5 is perfect for singers, rappers, beatboxers, webcasters, and anyone who wants to have fun with processing vocal sounds. It will give you six types of high-quality vocal effects inherited from the VE-20 – Reverb, Delay, Double/Harmony, Dynamics, Pitch Correct, and Tone/SFX. There is also a neat feature with the VE-5, you can save your favorite sounds to a button so you do not have to search for it. It gives you the “live vocal” sound that you will need to have.

According to several user reviews of Boss VE-5, this vocal effects processor gets some compliments such professional functions; easy to use; powerful. But it also gets complaint about small buttons.

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Factory Reset:

To Restoring The Factory Settings of Boss VE-5, you must press the Menu button and select “Factory Reset” by turn the Sound knob. And finally press the (V 2) button.

Warning! This procedure will make your setting’s lost, and back to their factory-set condition. So be sure to back up any information you wish to keep. Hopefully the article of “How To Reset The Boss VE-5 To Restoring The Factory Settings” was useful.

Reference: Boss VE-5 Manual

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