How to Reset Oil-Life Monitor on 2010-2015 Ford C-MAX Energy

How to Reset Oil-Life Monitor on 2010-2015 Ford C-MAX Energy – This is the second generation model of the Ford C-Max. This car is also known as the Ford C-Max Hybrid and Ford C-Max Energi (North America). The family car is equipped with the latest technology features. Not only that, the new touch is also visible on the front fascia with a brand-new grille style of Aston Martin. Headlights are also enhanced with LED DRL (daytime running lights). In the interior, presenting an intuitive layout with fewer controls and buttons, while the satin black trim and chrome details add a modern feel and clear.

Inside the cabin is equipped with SYNC2 infotainment system that debuted in Focus facelift and is equipped with a touchscreen display 8 ‘replaces most of the buttons on the dashboard. Ford also adds to the thickness of the side glass in order to obtain a more quiet cabin sound. In terms of engines, Ford C-Max and Grand C-Max will be offered by the latest diesel engine-powered 1.5-liter TDCi and 2.0-liter 120hp TDCi, with 140hp and 163hp. There is also a 1.0-liter EcoBoost power 100hp and 125HP, and the 1.5-liter EcoBoost is offered with power 150hp and 180hp.

To turn off the Oil Service Light on Ford C-MAX Energy, conform to the following instructions:

  • Turn off the ignition
  • Close all doors.
  • Turn the ignition key to position II, If your car has push-button start, press and hold the ” Start” for two seconds without touching the brake pedal.
  • Next, simultaneously press the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal and hold for a minimum of 20 seconds, until a “Service: Oil reset in prog.” message shows on the instrument cluster display.
  • Continue holding the gas and brake pedals until the display says “Service: Oil reset complete”.
  • The oil change reminder indicator will turn off. This confirms that the reset procedure has been correctly completed.

For more details, please watch the following video:

This procedure should be work on Second generation of Ford C-MAX (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) models. It’s also applies to the Ford Grand C-Max, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus and MK4 Mondeo. Hopefully the article of How to Reset Oil-Life Monitor on 2010-2015 Ford C-MAX Energy can solve your problem. Good Luck!