How To Reset A Rocktron Utopia G300 To Restoring Factory Settings

Rocktron is One of the most famous names with regards to professional effects for musicians and recording engineers. And the incredible tone and awesome sounding effects are at your feet with the Utopia G Series, professional guitar systems. The Utopia G300 effects pedal is something I think is amazing, This tough-as-nails unit is as heavy and durable as it looks. Seems like there are presets for the presets and a million options, which can be overwhelming but also translates into many awesome tones.

According to several user reviews, the Rocktron Utopia G300 has some excess such as sturdy build, killer sounds, individual effect on/off pedalboard feel, great harmonizer tracking, the Hush (noise gate) is effective. But it also has some lack such as the wieght is too heavy, harmonic tuner could track easier, rubber effect switches.

rocktron utopia g300

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Factory Reset:

To Restoring Factory Settings of Rocktron Utopia G300, first step turn the “Function Select” knob clockwise to “Factory Restore“. And then turn the “Parameter Select” knob clockwise to “ALL RESTORE 0“. Next, enter the number “22” by use the “Parameter Adjust” knob and finally press the “Store” button.

Attention! That procedure will permanently erase all presets (1-128) and replace them with the original factory presets. Hopefully the article of “How To Reset A Rocktron Utopia G300 To Restoring Factory Settings” was useful.