How To Hook Up Digitech RP1000 To Computer

How To Hook Up Digitech RP1000 To Computer

The DigiTech RP1000 guitar pedal is loaded with over 160 effects and 200 presets giving you a splendid range of tones. With an integrated effects switching system, no longer will you have to do the pedal tap dance just select your preset and your tone is engaged, just the way you like it. This DigiTech pedal comes with a built-in phrase looper with 20 seconds of record time. You can also route external effects pedals through it using the stompbox loop.

This multi effect pedal has great connectivity. The dual XLR outputs can plug directly into a mixing desk for use in the studio, and the USB output is great for connecting with a laptop and provides two purposes. First it is used to provide communication between the RP1000 and the X-Edit editor librarian software. Second, it is used to stream four channels of audio (2 up / 2 back) to and from the computer when using the RP1000 to record via the included Cubase LE4 recording software or any DAW recording application.

USB Setup

There are two parameters in the effects matrix for adjusting USB parameters; USB Record Level and USB Playback Mix.

  • USB Record Level – This option provides a digital level control for boosting or cutting the level sent to your recording application. Range is -12dB to +24dB.
  • USB Playback Mix – This option controls the playback mix between RP1000 processing and USB playback from your computer’s recording application. The range for this control is from USB Mix 0% (all that is heard is the RP1000 processing, no playback) to USB = RP (both USB playback 36 and RP1000 have equal levels) to RP Mix 0% (all that is heard is the USB playback in the outputs, no RP1000 processing).

To change the USB Setup options, follow these steps:

  1. From the preset name display, press the Edit Down button once to enter Edit mode. The Wah row’s LED will be lit.
  2. Turn Knob 4 to adjust the USB Playback Mix.
  3. Turn Knob 5 to adjust the USB Record Level.

Changes made to the USB parameters are saved automatically and will affect the global performance of the RP1000 and all of its presets. Audio recorded via USB in the RP1000 is always tapped off of the audio feeding the XLR outputs.

Note: You must download and install the ASIO driver to use the included Cubase LE4 recording software.