How do I Reset the Nikon DF DSLR Camera

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A full frame DSLR camera with retro shapes and controls are inspired by the legendary Nikon FM2 film camera, equipped with a full frame sensor equivalent D4 and Nikon F mount is compatible with, but weighs half the weight of the Nikon D4 and concise form, that Nikon DF. Nikon DF is short for Nikon Digital Fusion. Named as such because this camera was born from incorporation of the old technology with new technology. Old technology is borrowed form, as well as camera control layout. While new technologies are plucked sensors, image processing system, LCD panel and firmware.

With only a 39 point autofocus point (equivalent to D610), this camera is not a speed monster and will not become a mainstay of sports and wildlife photographers. However, for other uses of this camera can be quite unreliable. Photographers street, documentation, wedding or those who frequently travel and feel complicated with a DSLR, can be very tempted by this camera. But keep in mind that this camera will not be equipped with a video. So forget about making a video with the Nikon DF.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring Nikon DF to its factory settings, just holding two buttons simultaneously, until the control panel turns off briefly while the camera resets itself to the factory default settings.

reset nikon df

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Reference: Nikon DF manual

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