Executing Factory Reset All in Roland RD-300NX Stage Piano

The RD-300NX is the latest midrange model, which improves and updates the RD-300GX and includes most of the SuperNatural acoustic and electric piano sounds—along with their extensive editing—from the flagship RD-700NX. This model has a lot of features that you can find at its more pricey brother the RD-700NX. Side by side with the RD-700NX, the RD-300NX is slightly more compact, with a simpler front panel. The sturdy casing and its weight, which is slightly over 38 pounds makes it a great piano for the road that can be carried by a single person.

According to several user reviews, they have praised it for the highly editable “SuperNatural” acoustic and electric piano sounds; Easy-to-navigate front panel; Pleasing action and key surfaces; Solid construction; Manageable weight. Also, some users have complained this piano is expensive.  It’s worth every penny, but most people can’t afford the price tag.

roland RD-300NX resetImage source: rolandus.com



Factory Reset:

Press the MENU button to enter EDIT MENU. Select “8.Utility,” menu by using UP (∧) or DOWN (∨) buttons and press ENTER. Select the “3. Factory Reset All.” and press ENTER button. A message will appears on the display, and you should press ENTER button. Press ENTER button again to confirm and to go ahead with the initialization. Finally, when the Reset Factory operation is complete, switch off the power and then turn it back on again.

Warning! Executing “Factory Reset All” results in deletion of the Live Sets. Be sure you want to erase the memory and return the Roland RD-300NX to its factory default state before continuing with this procedure. This procedure also applies to the RD-700NX unit. Hopefully the article of “Executing Factory Reset All in Roland RD-300NX Stage Piano” can help you.

Reference: Roland RD-300NX manual