Restoring The Digitech RP55 to Default Settings

Last Updated on June 20, 2022 by Nick

The Digitecg RP55 is the easiest RP product to use. It’s equipped with 11 amp models and 20 studio-quality effects. The RP55 uses AudioDNA DSP chip to produce effects and amps that studio-class. Its really easy to use mostly because of the 80 effects and simple 2 Digit screen that shows it, 40 are factory and 40 are also factory out of the box, but are customizable.

According to several user reviews of Digitech RP55 multi-fx, some users have praised it for the Good selection of effects; Compact design; really easy to use. But some users also have complained for the no USB compatibility; made out of plastic.

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Factory Reset:

To restore the factory settings of the Digitech RP55 multi-fx, you must connecting the power supply  while simultaneously holding the Edit button, and when the display appears “–“, release the button and press the Store button.

Warning! This procedure will erases all user-programmed data. All such data will be lost forever! So be sure you want to reset the Digitech RP55 to its factory default state before continuing with this procedure. Hopefully the article of “Restoring The Digitech RP55 to Default Settings” was useful.

Reference: Digitech RP55 Manual

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