Restoring The Digitech RP55 to Default Settings

The Digitecg RP55 is the easiest RP product to use. It’s equipped with 11 amp models and 20 studio-quality effects. The RP55 uses AudioDNA DSP chip to produce effects and amps that studio-class. Its really easy to use mostly because of the 80 effects and simple 2 Digit screen that shows it, 40 are factory and 40 are also factory out of the box, but are customizable.

According to several user reviews of Digitech RP55 multi-fx, some users have praised it for the Good selection of effects; Compact design; really easy to use. But some users also have complained for the no USB compatibility; made out of plastic.

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Factory Reset:

To restore the factory settings of the Digitech RP55 multi-fx, you must connecting the power supply¬† while simultaneously holding the Edit button, and when the display appears “–“, release the button and press the Store button.

Warning! This procedure will erases all user-programmed data. All such data will be lost forever! So be sure you want to reset the¬†Digitech RP55 to its factory default state before continuing with this procedure. Hopefully the article of “Restoring The Digitech RP55 to Default Settings” was useful.

Reference: Digitech RP55 Manual