Resetting the Oil Life Light on 2013-2015 Lincoln MKT

Resetting the Oil Life Light on 2013-2015 Lincoln MKT – This is a complete blend of pleasure with a bandage luxuries that are served by the Lincoln MKT. Generation SUV that is very charming for a trip down town. Perfect all-round enjoyment can be felt from the birth of this new SUV. V6 engine that is supported by super comfortable handle is an interesting combination offered. External appearance of this car, clearly agrees with the concept of masculine and typical character frightening car. Similar to the limousine, it displays the body longer and wider but still wrapped in the design of a comfortable SUV.

In the interior, supported by sophisticated electronic media-based touchscreen. For the seats are made of high quality cotton material, which certainly will make driver and family more comfortable. Not only that, convenience facilities can still be felt with shock absorbers. Such features provide extra comfort despite past the bumps. This car was crowned the ‘Best Luxury 3-Row Midsize SUV’ for the family, in 2013 due to complete its facilities, including the quality, size and features for the family friendly.

Resetting the Oil Life Light on 2013-2015 Lincoln MKT

To turning off oil change required light on 2013, 2014, 2015 Lincoln MKT, conform to the following instructions:

  • Turn the ignition to the “on” position, but do not start the engine.
  • Use the directional pad on the steering wheel and scroll through the settings area under the heading menu
  • Go to Settings > Vehicle > Oil Life Reset
  • Push and hold OK until it resets to 100%

reset oil life MyFord touch

  • Turn off the ignition and then restart the engine

For more details, please watch the following video:

This procedure should applies to the Lincoln MKX (2013, 2014, and 2015) models, which is equipped with MyLincoln Touch features. Hopefully the article of Resetting the Oil Life Light on 2013-2015 Lincoln MKT can solve your problem. Good Luck! 😀