Performing a Global Reset in Roland AT-900 ‘Platinum Edition’ Atelier Organ

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Roland, the premier manufacturer of quality organs for home, church, and stage, is pleased to announce the most recent addition to their MUSIC ATELIER family in 2012. The AT-900 “Platinum Edition” with its newly-designed cabinet, expanded voices and features, improved user interface, and new arranger engine position the AT-900 Platinum Edition as the pinnacle of the Music Atelier product line.

Derived from the VK series combo organs, Roland’s Virtual Tone Wheel organ sound is exclusive to the AT-900P and is designed to offer authentic vintage organ tones and rotary characteristics. The AT-900P also comes with renewed Music Assistant functions, Roland says. The new BMP file export function also allows for printing of arrangement scores. Step into the big league of luxury with the AT-900 Platinum Edition.

Roland AT-900 Platinum Edition reset
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Factory Reset:

There are several ways to restoring a roland AT-900 to it’s factory setting. Choose one of the following ways:
  1. on the Main screen, touch SYSTEM > UTILITY > FACTORY RESET > OK
  2. on the Main screen, touch QUICK GUIDE > press the One Touch Program button > touch OK
  3. just simply power ON while simultaneously holding the One Touch Program button

Warning! This procedure will return all of the settings to the values when the AT-900P was shipped from the factory. Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. This also applies to the Roland AT-900C, AT-900, AT-800, AT-500, AT-300 units, (for AT-100 and AT-75 units, Third step only). Hopefully the article of “Performing a Global Reset in Roland AT-900 Atelier Organ” can help you.

Reference: Roland AT-900 manual

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