Vox Night Train NT15C1 Guitar Amplifier Review

Shiny reputation of Vox, as a manufacturer of guitar amplifiers and effects again proved through its newest product amplifiers, Vox NT15C1, a kind of combo amps which tech-tubes. The design of NT15C1 which weighs 17.5 kg and classic look it combines speakers and amps into one piece. It also comes with several features like two-channel operation (bright / girth), output power 15 Watts RMS (8Ω / 16Ω), three 12AX7 preamp tubes, two ECC83 tube power amp, speaker 1×12 inch Celestion G12M greenback types, inputs / outputs: guitar input, effects loop (send / return), footswitch and a few rows of the sound control knob.

On the control panel, there are 8 knobs ‘chicken head’ Vox typical, ie two master knob (volume, reverb), three knob EQ (treble, middle, bass), two girth knob (volume, gain) and the bright knob (gain) . Also has three mini-switches (dark, girth / bright, thick) to select the desired character of the amp.

Vox Nighttrain NT15C1 reviewImage source: thomann.de

The existence of two power switch and standby button, is a classic blend of typical existing on the type of vintage amps. This is a way of life in order to be durable amps. In the back or bottom, there are two holes speaker output (8 ohms / 16 ohms), input the send / return and footswitch.

In the clean position, the resulting sound is very distinctive style and character of the Vox, that is vintage-tone-clean, clear and condensed reverb. So even with the channel drive / distortion, very warm and punchy drive. Suitable for genre types of blues, rock. But still comfortable to use with other music genres.

Overall, VoxNT15C1 presents a character of vintage and modern sound, with many voices which is very responsive. Thank you for embedding 12 inch speakers Celestion G12M Greenback 16Ω type with blue alnico magnet type of speaker that makes it all possible.

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