VOX AC30C2 Guitar Combo Amplifier Review

Since its existence in the 1960s, Vox AC30 has been known, as the iconic amplifier “British Invasion.”. Evident from the various compliments guitarist / musicians, which has been used, started from The Beatles, Brian May (Queen), Ritchie Blackmore (ex-Deep Purple), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) to The Edge (U2) and many other guitarists. Until now, they still believe that product to support their music career.

Although the classic style still dominates the design, but the inspiration to incorporate modern elements are now becoming attractive alloy. As applied to one of its products, the Vox AC30C2. Amps which was launched since 2010, it still looks implement the classic characteristics of the AC30, the previous type, but now packed with more modern accents.

Vox AC30C2 Amp reviewImage source: scottomusique.com

Construction of Vox AC30C2, referring to the standard design like a stereo combo amplifier types. Shaped black box has two speakers in it. However, the control panel display design pink color, at the top looks more attractive, simple and easy to use. The amps are classified as class A, has a power of 30 watts and weighing 32.2 kg was reinforced with a variety of reliability features in it. As of 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, power tubes 4 x EL84, 2×12 inch Celestion G12M speakers greenback, two inputs (high / low), Top Boost input (high / low), effects send-return and other features.

On the control panel, there is a row of menu features such as two input options (normal / boost) characterized by high-low, a row of five parts, the normal volume control knob, top boost (volume, treble, bass), reverb (tone, level), tremolo (speed, depth), master (cut tone, volume) and two-standby power button which has a light control.

When lauched, the sound produced is quite wide sound or stereo sound. The characters were strong, nuanced tube amps. When choosing clean sound, capable of generating tones, clearly and crisp. When set in the sound drive, the resulting sound pretty stamping, and character sound bright, and thick vintage. Suitable for rock and blues genre. But it is quite convenient also to other musical genres. So, Vox AC30C2 is totally dedicated to the guitarist and instrument audio lovers who want to get a vintage sound quality nuanced classy modern and dependable.

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