Tips and Tricks: Samsung WB2100 Digital Camera

Samsung announced the presence of WB2100 superzoom camera. The camera carries the BSI CMOS sensor with 16.3 megapixel resolution and lens with 35x optical zoom capability equivalent to a focal length 25-875mm. The maximum aperture that can be used in reaching the widest angle F3.0, while for the full telephoto maximum aperture narrows to F6.0.

Samsung claims WB2100 able to produce professional-quality photographs. The claim is supported by the features, such as scene recognition, Smart Auto, and Low Night Shot technology which helps shooting under poor lighting conditions. In addition to photos, the Samsung WB2100 can record Full HD 1080i resolution video at 60 fps. 35x superzoom capabilities can also be used when recording video. That way, users can produce interesting videos with a variety of close-up scenes. To facilitate the process of recording from a difficult angle, the camera is equipped with a 3-inch screen that can be tilted.

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LCD blank

If the LCD screen is all white (blank) it mean you cannot see any error message, you need to reset the camera. Try removing the battery and memory card for 5 minutes. If the LCD remains blank, the camera may need repair.

Lens error message

Having a “Lens error” message display on the camera’s LCD display indicates a problem with the camera lens mechanism. Usually it is because the entry and exit of the lens mechanism jammed, for example, had fallen, once when the lens is stuck out and vice versa when the lens is pushed entry and so on. But if you have never experienced physical violence usually only lubricating plastic gears that are already dry.

Usually, simply switching the camera Off then On again is enough to correct this problem. Or try to remove the batteries for 5 seconds, and then plug it in again. Or just remove the debris and try reconnecting the lens again.

If this does not help, then we regret the camera must be sent to our Nikon Service department as there are no user serviceable parts on Nikon Coolpix cameras.

File Error message

When you try to view photos stored on the memory card, you may see the message File Error. The possibility of photo file you are trying to see damaged or taken with another camera. Try insert the memory card into your computer, and then see it on the screen. If you can not see it, the file may be corrupted. Try to follow these steps to restore the lost files.

How to Recover Deleted Photos?

  • Download and install photo recovery software on your computer, for example I use Wise Data Recovery
  • Connect your camera memory card to a computer with a card reader
  • Run Wise Data Recovery application on your computer.
  • You can start the process by selecting scan your memory card, click and select your memory card and click Scan.
  • Once the scan is complete, the application will display a list of deleted data with 3 color indicator. The red color indicates that the file is very difficult to be restored to perfection, Yellow is still possible to recover and Green color indicates the data can be restored perfectly.
  • Check the data you wish to restore. Or right-click your mouse and click Select All to make the selection on all the data.
  • Then click the Recover button and select the folder recover, or click the Make New Folder button to create a new folder as you wish, and click OK to start the recovery process.

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