The Feature and Review Of TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch

TC-Helicon is a Canadian company belonging to the TC-Group, a holding that controls several prestigious pro audio manufacturers like the very famous TC-Electronic, but also Lab-gruppen amps or Tannoy speakers. TC Group merged with Gibson in 2008. TC-Helicon specializes in voice gear, from processors to mics. Their products have a good overall quality and a rugged construction plus they sound pretty good.

The TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch vocal processor is ready to accompany your vocals whether you sing live or record in the studio. Easily mount VoiceLive Touch on a mic stand or place it next to your computer or keyboard. In any musical situation, VoiceLive Touch can be there to add the voice effects you want when you want them. So, it was with great anticipation that we unwrapped VoiceLive Touch, TC-Helicon’s wedge-shaped, smaller processor which nevertheless permits many of the same tricks to be applied for substantially less money.

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TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch Features at a Glance:

  • Vocal effects processor with touchscreen
  • 200+ factory presets with 25 Favorite locations
  • 24 touch buttons with LEDs, touch slider
  • Modulation, Delay, Reverb, Harmony, Double, Transducer, HardTune, Adaptive Tone, Pitch Correction, Guitar FX, Guitar Tuner, and VLOOP stereo looper
  • Offers 30 seconds of loop time for voice or guitar
  • Auto-harmony based from guitar input or MIDI input
  • Mounts easily to a microphone stand or sits on the desktop
  • Auxiliary input for an MP3 player
  • MIDI input to control harmony
  • Optional 3-button footswitch (not included) for extra control
  • Studio-quality microphone input
  • Headphone output with level control
  • Guitar in and thru
  • USB for audio I/O and connection to VoiceSupport for preset management, tips and tricks, and software updates

The unit’s wedge-shaped design is unusual. On a studio desk, it offers the upper surface of the square control panel at about 30 degrees, with effect and loop buttons large enough. At first hand, the VoiceLive Touch gives the impression of being quite sturdy. Its heavy weight, in spite of the compact size, is responsible for that, but also the materials. The housing, except for the front panel with the touch interface, is made out of some sort of rugged rubber plastic. And cause the VoiceLive Touch’s special shape allows you to place it on a table or on a microphone stand, which is a very convenient solution to always have it at hand.

Configuration perfectly simple and instantaneous. There’s a Preset/Mix Slider which, in default mode allows you to slide, ribbon-controller style, from one preset to another, with the removal of your finger triggering an almost-instant load process. ACCS has not effect any custom settings, I think version 2 is more complte VoiceLive this level but the sound quality is totally bluffing and sufficient for trs most cases. Getting it up and running took no effort. It was just a matter of working through the menus to get what you wanted to get to. The touch screen works great and it is very response. It is very easy to add effects and backing vocals to accompany my main vocals. I was able to loop up to 30 seconds of audio with this module and overdub/undo.

There are well over 200 presets on this module with 24 touch buttons that have LED’s. The active effects in any preset are indicated via an LED in the upper section, though pressing any ‘unused’ modules immediately brings those to the party too. Down the right-hand side, eight additional buttons allow you to work the Harmonic potential of ‘Touch’, with buttons labelled ‘Octave Up’, ‘Low’, ‘Lower’ and ‘Bass’ (as examples) offering their suggested harmonies with one touch. There is a touch slider, mic input level and headphone output level. There is a built in guitar tuner and FX section that is dedicated to guitars. The effects are: modulation (flange, chorus, etc.), rverbe, dlais, HardTune, doubler and harmonizer. The Harmonizer is alone worth the price of the machine, as its responsiveness is good. I use it with an acoustic guitar, guitar preamp and + internal effects (reverb and detune) are spacious and warm. Regarding the effects voice is once again superb, and all put our voices in value. Like all effects, it is better not to force the dose, at the risk of losing natural, but it is after all a matter of taste. You can use MIDI and USB connections with it to work with other gear and your computer. The hardtuning based on what goes through the MIDI or audio (guitar, for example) and voice harmonizes with the instrument. We can mix an instrument with voice output Stereo. There is only one ¼ Pedal phone jack though.

This is review video of TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch

I have used this unit many times and it has never let me down or had any issues. It is just the type of unit that I do not get to use a lot because I just don’t need it most of the time. The Voice Live Touch only weighs about 5 pounds and is very portable. It didn’t come with a carry pouch or case so I had to purchase a general use gig bag to carry it in so it wouldn’t get damaged or scratched when traveling. The range price of TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch is $695