Sterling by Music Man SUB Ray4 Bass Guitar Review

Sterling By Music Man SUB RAY4 WS is a kind of active four-string bass guitar made ​​by the manufacturer / bass from America who is now production has been done in Indonesia. This is a MusicMan strategy, to expand quality products to a wider market, but at an affordable price.

The design construction of this Sub Ray4 WS still refers to the classic design typical 70s Music Man. Starting from a stock head, neck, body, pickguard and pickup embedding. SUB series itself is designed for the bassist who wants to get the perfect bass quality with quality components and at an affordable price. Whether it beginner or a professional.

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This solid body bass with a double cutaway use of solid hardwood material on the whole body. And it looks natural and elegant with shades of wood that coats the surface. Position the cable plug jack on the body is a brilliant design that allows the connection of input-output when the bass will be played, and also facilitate the bass when placed in the stand.

In the neck, 34 inch scale bass using maple with a rosewood layer, attached to the body with a bolt-on system implementation or binder six screws at the back of the body. This system proved to be powerful enough to maintain stability and keep the sustain propagation in the body. On the fingerboard, use rosewood and medium-sized 21-fret are decorated with dot inlays along the fretboard.

For playability no doubt, the bass guitar is very comfortable and good in the fingers. And to make it easier when it comes to setting the neck, simply turn the truss rod with the small screwdriver in position between the end of the neck and body. So no need to remove the neck and strings. At the bridge, this Ray4 SUB using a fixed bridge models classical types. The strength of the strings would be tied to a strong and stable.

In the electronic, single humbucker pickup configuration low noise in bridge position mainstay. This pickup is equipped with a preamp-classic-style 2-band active. So, to enable is required battery of 9 volt type box. To select the desired sound character, get through three existing knob on the pickguard volume and 2 band EQ (bass, treble). Editorial test results, the sound produced is very responsive and expressive. The character of it produces flexible for all genres of music.

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