Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci JP70 7-String Electric Guitar Review

Sterling JP70 is a seven-string guitar signature of John Petrruci latest series (Dream Theater), which was launched following the success for Sterling By Music Man JP50, JP60 and JP100. Through this product, JP70 is now a new way to get the character of a low tone with a high musical quality.

In terms of design, glance the shape of the JP70 is similar to other types of JP series of models adopt the typical Music Man. Starting from the body, neck, head stock to its electronic configuration. However, in detail the different materials used. In the body, the wood used to wear material basswood with maple veneer on top. Then, double cutway indentation, made ​​from basswood with a glossy black finish blends green. That gives the impression of JP70 more elegant and modern. Moreover, its hardware wrapped with a layer of black, smearing the bridge, knobs, tuning machine, until the strap pin that gives the impression of harmony between the body and the neck.

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In the neck, this guitar has a scale length of 25.5 “(648 mm) and the surface of the neck that is slightly wider than the version of the six strings., But when played finger it still feels comfortable when exploring the strings on the fretboard. Construction of neck is made ​​of maple and rosewood seems to have perfect groove indentation. Playability produced was very comfortable in the hand. use of bolt-on system or binder five bolts in the back, making the neck is firmly attached to the body. Inlay shaped point along the 24 frets with logo initials “JP” characterizes JP70 typical seem more cool. For tuning stability, JP70 anticipate it with a pin locking system tuner ‘5 on 2’, which is locked into the seven-string to remain stable when played. So, no need to worry about changing settings when the strings are explored using the tremolo bar techniques.

What about the sound quality? JP-70 is relying on passive double humbucker pickups in the neck and bridge with SBMM type design. Equipped with a three way toggle switch controls and two knobs, volume and tone. Character and sensitive power generated magnetic pickups this guitar design SBMM ejects low sound that tends to modern. It is suitable lauched to the genre of modern rock and metal. If you want to play a different genre, simply adjust the desired sound character.

Here’s a demo video of Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci JP-70

So, Sterling JP70 is definitely the right choice which not to be missed. Feeling presents John Petrucci at any time. Read also “Laney Ironheart IRT Studio Guitar Amplifier Head Review” and another gear reviews. Hopefully the article of Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci JP70 7-String Electric Guitar Review  useful for you.