Schecter Tommy Victor Signature Electric Guitar Reviews

Pace of innovation continues to be ‘Schecter’ by give birth to a wide variety of guitar models and by specifications are also diverse. One of them is ” Schecter Tommy Victor Signature”. Designed based on the desired specifications of Tommy Victor, the guitarist and vocalist of the band Prong, heavy metal band from New York, USA.

The outer display of this Tommy Victor Signature, predominantly black light bulb finish over the entire surface of the body up to the neck. While Mahogany wood materials selected as the mainstay for the body. Wood fiber looks more open so easily capture resonance, vibration and sound signal from the guitar strings. Tone generated character tends to produce a low and long sustain.


In the neck, the guitar scale 25.5 inches (64.77 cm) also uses mahogany wood material which is coated with ebony on the fingerboard. There are 22 iron jumbo-sized frets, and dot inlays along the neck. Then there Prong logo inlay at the 12th fret position which gives the identity. Completed his performance, there is also a reverse neck models that can produce low long sustain. Especially on strings 4, 5 and 6.

When gripped, this guitar feels strong and precision. This guitar also comes with six-string player Grover black type. Moreover, with the support of the Floyd Rose 1000 series bridge that not only provides opportunities for the exploration of sound, but it also becomes a steady string buffer.

Schecter Signature Tommy Victor, pinning active humbucker pickup configuration, ie EMG (Electro Magnetic Generator) type of EMG 81 / 89R in the bridge and neck position to pursue the desired character of the distortion. The pickup character produces powerful bursts of sound, modern and responsive. Ya, it is a genre of rock and metal music which became his main target. To measure the sound settings, there are two control knob, the volume knob (tap for 89R), volume and 3-way switch.

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