Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR 7-String Electric Guitar Review

Schecter’s new flagship, the type of electric guitar Hellraiser C-7 FR Sustainiac seven strings are equipped with the technology and latest features. In this strato guitar notched applied technology ultra access set neck, between the body and the neck. Having a frame (chassis) with a size greater than the size of the six-string guitar. Clearly visible the difference, ranging from the headstock, neck up to the body. However, when tested in a standing or seated position, the guitar is still comfortable and not too heavy when played. Plus, the curve of the double cutaway body to make much more freely explore the fingers on the high fret.

Still on the body using mahogany wood material encrusted maple on top. Also decorated with abalone layer at the edge of the body. With a black cherry color finish (BCH) makes Hellraiser C-7 FR look more elegant and looks grim. While in the neck is made from triple mahogany wood material, guitar scale length is 26.5 inches applying indentation neck ‘D shape’ with a wide surface. While three pieces of mahogany neck can be makes ​​more durable, straight and stable in all conditions. Playability be comfortable while playing. Then on the fingerboard, rosewood material relied on, pinned 24 jumbo fret abalone inlay decorated gothic crosses that characterizes Schecter.

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On the headstock, its tuning system uses a system of 4 on 3 is equipped with Schecter locking to lock the strings are stable. So no need to worry about the strings will easily go down settings. Bridge for string buffer used is Floyd Rose 1000 series tremolo. It is suitable for the guitar shredder who are fond of exploration tremolo bar. Hardware part is wrapped with layers of colors like black chrome bridge, knobs, tuning machines, and a strap pin to make the look more harmonious to the body and neck.

Well, turning to the sound department, Hellraiser C-7 FR has become very fierce thanks to the active-pickup configuration-double humbucker EMG 81 (bridge) and Sustainiac (neck). When tested, if this guitar amplifiers coupled with Mesa / Boogie Rectifier. As a result, both these pickups sound distortion barking with a character that is warm, thick and energized. As for the choice of clean, keep it still sounds clear and unequivocal. Because this guitar is active, it is necessary to power a 9 volt battery power to make it function optimally.

The performance of Sustainiac pickups on this guitar is very responsive to every tone that played. So as to obtain feedback and harmonics sound more noticeably easier. To select the desired sound, can be set via switches or three-way switch and three control knob (volume / tone / tone sustain). To arrange a pickup feedback on Sustainiac, can arrange through two switches on / off DPDT mini three-way (normal / mix / harmonic).

Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR obviously presents a robust performance and maximum, as the active and dynamic electric guitar! Read also “Sterling by Music Man AX40D Electric Guitar Review” and another gear reviews. Hopefully the article of Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR 7-String Electric Guitar Review  useful for you.