Schecter Guitar Research SGR C-7 7 String Electric Guitar Review

The need for a wider sound guitar makes the guitar manufacturers continue to expand its application of technology to accommodate the demands of the music trends. For example now, high-gain sound character and a lot of thick stage explored in rock and metal guitar more extreme draft. Start of construction, playability up to the electronic device. Well, the Schecter C-7 guitar the production of SGR American manufacturer is one of the examples that are always chasing that target. Maximum performance, but with a relatively affordable price range.

SGR C-7, seven-string guitar is equipped with rows of advanced and modern features. The body is constructed with material basswood, neck-shaped “C” maple, rosewood fretboard with scale size 26.5 “(673mm), seven tuning machine, double humbucker pickups, 24 frets, bolt on splicing systems and many other features. The appearance of the guitar is assembled in China looks simple but still implies ferocity. Especially with black finish sweep over his body. But this type of guitar also provides a choice of other colors, namely Silverburst (SVB).

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Implementation of the system of ‘bolt-on’ or use the binder bolt to unify the body and neck make this guitar neck life to be durable. Above it there is rosewood fingerboard, equipped with steel fret numbered 24 medium-sized, with dot inlays and additional ‘gothic cross’ inlay at the 12th fret. The form of the guitar neck is wider than the SGR type guitar six strings. So you would need adaptation if it previously had never played a seven-string guitar. But do not worry, this guitar is very comfortable playability. So just need a little adjustment for the fingers while browsing the seven strings on this guitar.

At the headstock, there is logo writing SGR (Schecter Guitar Research) Schecter typical formations dotted tuning machine ‘4 on 3’ under the four strings and three strings above. Tuning the strings that are used remain standard (440 Hz), ie 1 = E, 2 = B, 3 = G, 4 = D, 5 = A, 6 = E, and 7 = B. This tuning, is set to get the guitar sound character more low, round and thick. Especially when playing in positions 6 and 7 strings. On the bridge, this guitar using bridge type of tune-0-matic with string system tied directly to the body that facilitate the installation of the strings and the body also produces a sustained tone that is thicker and wider and more stable.

Other features, SGR C-7 that it entire device hardware (tuners, bridge, knobs, switches, strap pins, input jack) black chrome plated is also equipped with an electronic device dual humbucker pickups passive type SGR by Schecter Diamond Plus which is located in the neck and bridge. However, the strength of the magnetic signals capable of capturing the sound of the strings with a very sensitive and responsive. Voice sounded clear and detailed ejected when the tone position or when using the clean and distortion effects. To select the desired sound character, can arrange pickup position by clicking the switches three-way toggle switch (bottom-middle-top). Then turn the two knobs, volume and tone to measure the desired sound.

Well, if bored with the six-string guitar and want to explore more, or want to get a different sensation when playing a guitar, the Schecter SGR C-7 is worthy of being your latest collection!