Schecter Guitar Research Johnny Christ Signature Bass Guitar Review

Johnny Christ is the bassist of Avenged Sevenfold (A7X), rock band / metal band from California, USA. In detail, of course, the bass is fully designed to meet the needs of Johnny Christ to produce thumping tone appropriate for A7X, both in the studio and on stage. Johnny became the third person from A7X contracted Schecter, after the duo of guitarist Zacky Vengeance (rhythm) and Synyster Gates (lead).

The design of this bass look like electric bass in general, using four strings and a slightly heavier weight of the guitar. Almost all parts are covered with a black satin finish, starting from the head to the body. However, a variety of reliability features in it would form its own characteristics. And in addition, it looks even seem frightening as well elegant.

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The character of the bass body is formed from a double cutaway, unique grooves headstock, 3 pieces neck, ebony fingerboard, bolt-on body construction and design skull logo inlay gold in the 12th fret position. Bass with 21 frets and a scale 34 inches (864 mm) is also used bolt-on construction, connecting the four screws at the rear. So, the bass will be bound sturdy and comfortable while playing. For the material, in the body using ash wood type, and rely triple neck maple wood, covered with ebony on the fingerboard. Make the neck and fingerboard stay strong and provide the comfort playability on the finger while moving.

At the headstock or the head, the shape of the curve of the design looks very unique and easy to recognize. These four tuning machine looks very harmonious and modern. On the bridge or buffer strings, using this type of bridge Schecter custom string-thru body. This bridge looks sturdy and strong visible withstand all the vibrations of the strings. Johnny Christ apply a drop D tuning (DADG) for this bass.

For the needs of sound, the bass is equipped with dual humbucker pickups Active EMG type MMCs / 81 containing a magnetic coil type CS (cramic steel) and dual coil windings, with a wide pickup surface, so as to accept the results of the powerful bass and low-end perfect. In addition, this pickup is also specially designed to be able to produce detailed tone intensity and sustain the width and length. For dispensing the desired sound, the bass is also equipped with four rows of knobs, that knob master volume, master blend and two-band EQ. And to make it look more attractive, on the hardware such as bridge, tuning heads, knobs, and strap pin covered with a layer of gold-colored paint on the entire surface.

Want to know how this bass when lauched? See Johnny Christ’s action, with his band Avenged Sevenfold in concert or some of the songs on the album recording. Rest assured, this bass is very powerful!

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