Rocktron ODB Guitar Effects Pedal Review

Overdrive is a guitar effect that is most favored by the guitarist when playing solo or rhythm. In addition stompbox shape, overdrive effect has also been widely used in a variety of digital effects and guitar amplifier. In use, the overdrive is usually always used as a figure of guitar effects alone or as a booster enhancer gain on a guitar amp or as an addition to the sustained when the lead is played. So is the case with the effect Rocktron Overdrive ODB (Overdrive Dynamic Blues) were tested ability by the editors.

Rocktron ODB (Overdrive Dynamic Blues) is a guitar effects overdrive, which was launched by the manufacturer of guitar effects, Rocktron. In terms of features, the design of Rocktrock ODB seems packed with simple concept. Just shaped box with aluminum material design in silver gray, with additional artwork guitarist figure. Display panel is only available two double knob (tone / output, drive / D-range), two switches on / off Germanium diodes, button switches, and blue LEDs.

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Its operation, ODB uses true-bypass switching system located on the button to turn on or turn off the overdrive without cropping frequency signal. Technological innovation offered on the Rocktron ODB effect is seen on the menu features a pair of Germanium diodes circuit positive / off, and negative / off. When operated, these features may limit tone clip symmetrically (both diode on), or non-symmetric clip (one diode on, one off). Sound or tone that will come out sounding quite comfortable when activated.

When tested, Rocktron ODB is combined with the type of guitar Schecter Stratocaster, and plugged into a guitar amp Roland cube 30. With position-tone flat in amps, ODB effects character more clearly his bursts of blues. The resulting character tends middle tone. However, when activating the switch Germanium diodes, produce a tone generated tone somewhat more rounded and plump.

This is what distinguishes ODB with other types of overdrive effects. Rocktron ODB is able to provide a solid sound thickness, and appear more dynamic as a booster effect with bursts of sound character full of blues. If you put or add it to your pedalboard, guaranteed your guitar sound richer, because there is a source of new sounds crunch blues character, clean crunch or even hi-gain.

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