Review: Super Tele Lens Sigma 150-500mmf / 5-6.3 APO with Elongated Design

For lovers of photography Wildlife make sure you choose wisely Tele lens that is really needed. Focal length is certainly a top priority, and if possible at a price that is relatively minimal. Wise option is to choose Sigma150-500mm Tele lens f / 5-6.3 APO because this lens becomes solid and reliable enough to shoot in the wild.

Tele Lens Sigma 150-500mm f / 5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM is the full name of this lens. Sigma-formally introduce these lenses in the category Super Telephoto Zoom, with its main feature is the focal length is so long. Sigma 150-500mm f / 5-6.3APO designed for multiple product-DSLR, ie Nikon, Sony, Pentax and Canon both for APS-C format and Full Frame.

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Surely this lens should be aligned with a variety of lenses other party First class 100-400mm Canon EF f / 4.5-5.6L and Nikon 80-400mm f / 4.5-5.6G is already known as the best Tele without constant diaphragm. Let’s see more about the design, performance, compatibility and price details regarding the super tele lens Sigma 150-500mm f / 5-6.3 APO below:


Just like other Sigma lenses, Sigma 150-500mm f / 5-6.3 APO has a matte black color in almost all parts of the body. This lens has dimensions of 252mm x 95mm totaled and the total weight of 1910g reach. Quite large and heavy, should super-telephoto lenses other. Sigma design 150-500mm using 15 groups and 21 elements, so the design is aesthetically very large. At least we see there are two rubber mounted on this lens, first on the back and front of the focal length figures.

Due to the length of this lens, Sigma provide a special room for the tripod collar for mounting components on a tripod. Also visible near the distance scale screen mount lenses plus a wide range lever in the middle of the side. Some-lever such that there is a lever-autofocus – Manual Focus, then the optical Stabilizer (OS) and Lock – Unlock for determination of the focal length.

Please note that under normal conditions with least minimal focal, lens look shorter, but will stretch if rotated focal length. This is because the lens does not have aperture remains constant thus extends and retracts depending focal position. Many observers claim that this lens is similar to the ‘brother’ Sigma 120 – 400mm f / 4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM in terms of construction.

Performance and features

It is an expensive lens and for special needs. Make sure you get a variety of full-featured and capable performance. For the first is the Optical Stabilizer (OS) which means the same as the lens features Nikon VR or IS on the Canon. With the OS feature lens gets stability despite the shocks, so that images remain sharp. Optical Stabilizer addition you will also get features HSM or HyperSonicMotor where this feature is able to deliver amazing speed autofocus while remaining silent. It is suitable for photographing wildlife is active and has a fast movement.

At the time of launching Sigma lenses, many photographers who doubts sharpness because the range is so wide focal lengths from 150mm to 500mm. This doubt as well as the performance of the lens is sharp broom universe at a particular focal length, but weakened at the maximum focal. No need to hesitate because Sigma prove this problem is not going to happen. Because Sigma design Sigma150-500mm f / 5-6.3 APO apochromatic design, three SLD glass elements (SpecialLowDispersion), as well as in their full multicoated optics that allows the lens to provide a high level of performance throughout the zoom range. At 500mm zoom or maximum, the same will remain sharp as you use the 150mm zoom.

Still feel less? Sigma lens is also designed with a layer component named Super Multi Layer (SML). This allows the lens coating reduces flare or stray light as well as reduce ghost. The images produced are cleaner and sharper.


These lenses can be paired according mount, good for DSLR / SLR Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony (APS-C and Full Frame with the effect of different focal). To add a filter accessories, filter size of 86mm is required. If still not the original focal length, users can also add a teleconverter enhancements based on their size.

Following a review video of the Sigma 150-500mmf / 5-6.3 APO


It should be highlighted by serious because 150-500mm Sigma f / 5-.6.3 APO priced at a relatively low or even very cheap to class Super Tele lens. Complete with accessories such as a tripod collar, lens hood, lens case, lens cap and rear cap. This lens is suitable for fotografiwildlife, photographing birds, wildlife, or sports photography.