Review: Sony A7 – The Latest Sony Digital Camera

One of the newest technology of the camera is a camera with mirrorless. Has many camera manufacturers embed this technology into the camera. Sony camera manufacturers also embed this technology into a new camera. However, if you choose a DSLR camera because of its image quality and features are good, maybe you should look at the latest digital cameras Sony A7 that this is not a DSLR camera.

Sony A7 is the latest camera from Sony that has rocked the world of photography, as this camera is the first Full Frame Mirrorless cameras in the world. Which is surprising because this is not a Sony digital camera DSLR camera that can rival the latest DSLR cameras that use the mirrorless technology. Plus this camera using the Full Frame sensor. Obviously this will result in image quality and features equivalent to the most current DSLR cameras.

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Sony issued this camera with 2 series, namely A7 and A7R. From these two series is actually a camera the same, the only difference is in its. Sony A7 using Full Frame 24 Megapixel sensor, equipped with a hybrid autofocus that utilize on-chip phase and contrast detection autofocus. While the others in this series, the difference is only in A7R equipped with 36 Megapixel Full Frame sensor. In addition, this series Sony digital camera does not have an optical low pass filter, a new trend in High End class cameras to help ensure that A7R camera provides the highest resolution.


Sony’s new camera is very well made ​​and feels solid in the hand. The camera is constructed of solid Magnesium Alloy material. In addition, this camera is also resistant to dust and moisture. This Sony digital camera has a weight of 16.7 ounces, with a size of 5 x 3.75 x 2 inches.

A7 camera is indeed quite small and would be comfortable in your grasp, even though the camera is equipped with a 35 mm lens. The design of this camera is like a mild version of DSLR cameras. Structure of LCD and buttons and levers regulators was almost the same with a DSLR camera.


In the lens, the Sony digital camera is also like a DSLR camera, which uses a lens that can be changed. A7 camera is equipped with a Zeiss lens 28 – 70mm, f / 3.5-5.6. This lens provides a Zoom-good for everyday shooting. Autofocus in the camera is also very fast, so as to provide comfort to you in a photo shoot during the day and in the studio.

In addition to the kit lens, Sony also provides another lens FE series they spend. Among them is the Zeiss 55mm, f / 1.8 and the Zeiss 35mm, f / 2.8. And of course, Sony will continue to update the presence of new lenses for its cameras complement. Meanwhile, for those of you who might want to scold another lens, Sony providing adapters for A-Mount lenses.

Image Quality

Overall quality of this Sony digital camera is very good. It can not be denied because the camera is equipped with a 24 Megapixel Full Frame sensor or 36 Megapixels for A7R and absence OLPF, which makes this camera the results are very good. The resulting images from this camera impresses with crisp detail and natural color and accurate.

Video Quality

For the quality of the resulting video on the Sony digital camera is also no less. The A7 offers a wide selection of video at 1920 x 1080 HD 60p / 60i or 24p in AVCHD, which is equal to the amount of video storage-efficient MPEG 4 format. Just to note from this camera is the Start / Stop button is located on the side of the camera, which probably will cause the camera to shake.

On the other hand, you have manual control over exposure and the video quality is good, though not exceptional. As a whole is pretty good camera in exposure accuracy, color rendition and smooth running of the recording. To produce good quality audio, you must use an external Microfon you can connect with this camera. But if you want to use the internal mic on the camera is also not too bad.

Wi-Fi and Applications

Sony digital camera is also equipped with a Wi-Fi connection with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which makes it easy to connect with compatible mobile devices. Sony also offers a wide range of applications from the online store that can be loaded directly into the camera.

Here’s a review video of the Sony A7 and A7R