Review: Schecter Keith Merrow KM-7 Signature Electric Guitar

Keith Merrow is a metal guitarist that is more behind the scenes as a songwriter / music producer, engineer and gear demonstrator. Now, his name surfaced after the project formed a band called ‘Conquering Dystopia’, where he was a duet with shredder Jeff Loomis (ex. Nevermore) and has released his debut album some time ago.

When running the project, Keith Merrow fully rely on this new KM-7 signature guitar. His guitar playing was more relying on the low tuning with alloy metal riffs, and solo fast lick harmonious. KM-7 guitar display itself actually looks simple, Strat-style design with satin white glaze (trans white satin) throughout the solid body. However, if observed in detail, KM-7 contains a fully featured with special characters in it.

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On the neck were constructed set-neck with ultra access, its thickness curves apply letters ‘C’, a little wider and a little chubby when gripped. The material used is a three-ply maple and ebony on the fretboard. This material makes the neck more sturdy and durable. There is also a type of iron jumbo frets are embedded up to 24 frets. The layout of the dot inlays also looks unique, positioned at the top (FRET 0-12) and the other at the bottom (fret 12-24). This makes it easier for the fingers when playing rhythm and lead while playing.

For electronic parts, the guitar relies on passive humbucker pickup configuration, Seymour Duncan Nazgul (bridge) and Seymour Duncan Sentient (neck). Although passive, these two types of pickups generate high output power, sensitive and responsive. The sound of the seven strings can be accepted as well. The resulting tone was powerful and aggressive. It is very fitting to the needs of the low tuned metal sound. Also comes with a 3-way switch to select the pickups to be used, and the volume knob is a push-pull type, as is widely applied in other Schecter products. To change to a single coil pickup, simply drag it to the top of this knob. Electronic configuration looks very simple and easy to operate.

At the head stock has the same form as the other Schecter guitars. Tuning machine implementing the 4 on 3 system, four strings on top and four strings at the bottom. Tuning machine used is a type Schecter locking, can lock the strings directly. So no need to worry about the strings will break. To get the desired sound character, other than pickup configuration, size and tuning the strings used, Keith Merrow on KM-7 is also a big influence. He applied the Drop A tunning (1 = E, 2 = B, 3 = G, 4 = D, 5 = A, 6 = E, 7 = A), and the thickness of the strings is 1 = 009, 2 = 011, 3 = 016 , 4 = 026, 5 = 036, 6 = 046, 7 = 062 (mm). Just like standard tuning, only the strings 7 (A) different.

On the bridge, the type of fixed bridge type hipshot hardtail so reliable, where the strings directly into the body. This makes the guitar sustain become longer and thicker guitar tone. The presence of Schecter Keith Merrow KM-7 has added a long row of signature artist guitars quality models owned by Schecter.