Review: Ricoh GR Limited Edition – a Camera With Wood Pattern And Qualified

Two of the very best materials widely used to create the camera is plastic and magnesium alloy black and red colors. But what if there is a camera that is designed using modern wood motif? Ricoh GR Limited Edition is that our intent. Capable digital camera with super quality.

Photographic equipment manufacturers Ricoh had been considered unable to compete with Nikon, Canon and Sony. But that does not mean they are slow to innovate. Proved by the presence of the Ricoh GR Limited Edition is so very intriguing. This series is often associated with the Ricoh GR regular version, but both have some significant differences, although there are also many similarities.

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Reportedly Ricoh GR Limited Edition is currently only available a number of 5000 units and are included in the category of pocket digital cameras (compact cameras). There are many excellent features and sophisticated you’ll find in this camera. Even considered able to compete with a DSLR or Mirrorless camera types. Consider the following full review Ricoh GR Limited Edition.


Looking at the design of the Ricoh GR Limited Edition maybe you’ll see an ordinary digital camera. However, if the note then you will see an unusual color on a camera, the undulating green motif or patern. Unique or even give the impression of luxury. Also on the front, you also will see the grip that has a touch of shiny wood motif. Increasingly unique is not it? camera with a wooden motif design like this could possibly be found in the old school retro cameras. That’s why this version of the Ricoh GR presented in Limited Edition.

Looking to the back, you will see a lot of buttons, levers and tool operation with others. Among them is the Fn, Delete, Display, Navigation coupled fn1, Flash, White Balance, Macro, Menu / OK, AEL, AFL, C-AF, ISO lever, Zoom-in, Zoom-out, and Play buttons. Quite a lot for a pocket camera. Overall buttons and tool located on the right, while the middle section to the left is occupied by a high-resolution LCD screen with a size of up to 3 inches with 1.23 million dots picture. Of course it has a high ability to automatic brightness and sharpness are natural. Turning to the top of the circle shooting modes are available there, either Auto, Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, TAV, Manual, as well as the mode for video recording. Additionally available certainly responsive shutter button, On / Off button and lever versatile. Probably quite satisfying, as well as setting the DSLR camera. One more thing that makes the Ricoh GR Limited Edition is unique is the lens ring with diamond material initials GR series products.


This camera has a manual option which of course will let you set your own shutter speed, aperture and ISO. The camera shutter speed can be set up to 1/4000 sec. There is an electronic horizon indicator on the screen that can help you when shooting vertically. The camera is also considered to be very fast and responsive. You can do a start-up in just 1 second, and AF within 0.2 seconds. So very fast as a DSLR, making it suitable for shooting as well as candid snapshots or quick moments.

Viewing gets in, Ricoh GR Limited Edition is powered by the sensor size APS-C CMOS 16 Megapixels. High quality sensor is powered by the latest processor technology engine GR ENGINE V version, allowing for super-quality image processing. Stabilizer on the lens is not available, but the camera is still available. Shake Reduction features in the Ricoh GR is considered very solid to reduce the effects of blur in images caused by hand shake. And what about the light sensitivity? Up to a maximum of ISO 25,600 with the cleanliness of the noise reached in 1600.


Ricoh GR Limited Edition has high performance prime lens 18.3mm F2.8 GR or claimed to have been equivalent to 28mm on a full frame format. The largest aperture of f2.8 allows more light to come. While achieving the minimum aperture F16.

Following a video review of the Ricoh GR Limited Edition