Review: Pentax K-3 – The Latest DSLR camera from Pentax

Pentax released the latest DSLR cameras. After previous success with the Pentax K-5, this time, Pentax camera re-issue a more modern and better yet, the Pentax K3. This camera was released late 2013 ago. This camera uses an APS-C sensor with 24 megapixel size (23.35 MP effective), a significant increase from the previous Pentax DSLR cameras that use an average of 16 megapixel sensor.

Physically Pentax K3 camera is still the same as Pentax DSLR cameras the other, but this camera certainly offers greater resolution capability to print larger files. Larger file also gives you the opportunity to cut the image with a fairly aggressive more freely if necessary. Addition of resolution, this camera for the video quality is also improved.

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Continuous shooting can achieve a level of 8.3 frames per second (FPS) with autofocus module SAFOX 11 with 27 newly designed point autofocus on this camera. In the recording can also record in HD with H.264 files. To design the camera body, this camera uses magnesium chassis and Stainless Steel. The camera body is also designed to hold meetings of various kinds of weather and are stabilizing.


In terms of software algorithms from the latest DSLR cameras program is improved in accuracy, exposure, white balance, and autofocus. While the ISO sensitivity range from 100 to 51,200. This camera can also be paired with an optional GPS unit and GPS time synchronization function. There are also new features, namely the function of Astro-Tracer. This feature is to take pictures of the sky at night with a shake reduction system to match the movement of the camera sensor with the movement of celestial objects caused by the Earth rotates. For storage there are cameras dual SD Card slots.


And the most significant change is the ability of the camera is wireless, where the photographer can set the camera from distance using a smartphone or computer. Adjustable settings such as changing the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, shifting the focus point AF, and the camera shutter release. And the photographer can see the image through the picture is another wireless device and can move it to the device.

Image Quality

Standard image quality of the camera Pentax K-3 is very good, colors are reproduced with good saturation and sharpness are pretty accurate as well. Bright mode is the default color effects, but K-3 offers a choice of nine other options, including portrait, landscape, vibrant, radiant, muted, bleach bypass, reversal films, monochrome, and cross processing. To filter antialiazing K-3 offers two settings designed to simulate the effects of antialiasing filter, type 1, which is about the moire reduction and sharpness of the image and the type 2 prefer the moire reduction.

For ISO performance of this camera is quite satisfactory. With newer sensors and better resolution, the latest DSLR camera performance is greatly improved especially at ISO noise that often occurs at a lower ISO in cameras predecessor.

Video Quality

From the video recording quality on offer from the latest DSLR cameras are very good Whole. This camera provides crystal clear video record of experience and performance of incredible HD video. The image quality of the recorded video of this camera is very good as well as the features of the Video Shoot at the interface redesign that makes the smooth video recording.

But the fatal flaws is still the same as its predecessor cameras autofocus unfavorable. Autofocus is not good and is still very slow. It makes the video quality of this camera is still far from good when compared to the video quality of the Canon 70D. If you prefer making videos instead of taking pictures, then this camera is not quite right for you. This camera is more suitable for shooting static or stationary.

Here’s a review videos of the Pentax K-3


Overall, the new flagship DSLR camera from Pentax is already quite good. Pentax K-3 camera offers the performance and features that are quite good and the price is relatively cheaper. The advantages of this camera is the delivery of the good image quality, frame rate in continuous shooting high, good buffer capacity, as well as the security of all-weather camera body. For you lovers of Pentax cameras, Pentax K-3 camera you should consider.