Review: Peavey AmpKit Link HD Digital Guitar Interface

Peavey innovation step in expanding its product range increasingly advanced rapidly. One of them is impressive with the release of its newest product, the Peavey AmpKit Ling HD. A digital audio device or soundcard interface specifically for the guitar, which is supported by iOS devices (i Phone OS).

AmpKit Link HD is the result of collaboration between Peavey and Agile Partners. This tool does not like soundcards in general which have separate connections for microphone or headphones. AmpKit serves as a digital device, which facilitates system from analog to digital converter (A / D and D / A). The interface is simple, small boxy black dotted green indicator light, connection holes ¼ “jack input, line out 1/8, 1/8 headphone out and a volume control knob.

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AmpKit has two different cable types, each one for gadgets and PCs. If you want to be connected to the gadget / system iOS (iPhone or iPad), then use the cable type 18 “are charged ends of the cord 30 pin connector. So, the latest series of iPhone or iPad, like the iPhone 4 and the iPad 3 is ready to accept a system of this AmpKit.

If you want to connect to a PC or computer (Mac OSX 10.6.4), use a 3-pin connector cable-USB type. Once connected, the menu AmpKit software that has been installed various types of guitar effects and amplifiers character was ready to be served. Unfortunately, this Ampkit can not fully connected to a Windows PC.

With the presence of AmpKit, is now looking for a guitar sound character for recording or to simply jamming, demos, or pour a myriad of ideas that you want, no longer requires a stack of effects devices or amplifiers. Simply by touching a finger to the touch screen gadgets, jarring bursts of guitar sound is ready to be devoured. In addition to guitar, AmpKit can also be used for bass.

Although it is digital, Peavey AmpKit LINK HD overall is able to produce results with a professional standard of quality sound recording. Thus, its presence is very helpful for guitarists who want to record his guitar playing wherever they are with the work of the maximum.

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