Review: Olympus Stylus Tough TG-850 IHS – Digital Camera for All Terrain and Conditions

Early in 2014 opened with the manufacturer Olympus released some of its best digital cameras. These vendors also introduce a camera-durable products and waterproof newest entry in the series Stylus Tough, Olympus Stylus Tough TG-850 IHS. Latest digital cameras is presented as a powerful consumer demand for a camera that can be used in any terrain and conditions. Even Olympus pinning feature waterproof and anti-shake so you can be the best expression wherever and whenever. Armed with a 16 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor is a powerful, best digital camera is the more accurate and responsive in taking pictures.

Olympus Stylus Tough TG-850 IHS digital cameras comes with a solid and compact design. These cameras at first glance looks unique with the placement of the lens and flash lights. This camera comes with a solid shape measuring 66.5mm x 109.5mm x 28.4mm with a total weight of 214 grams body. The camera also features a 3-inch HyperCrystal III screen color LCD with Brightness Control technology. LCD monitors reportedly been equipped with protective features to provide a sense of security when you are outdoors. Unlike the previous series, the screen on this device can be rotated up to 180 degrees to facilitate you do selfie photo.

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Olympus neatly arrange the buttons on the device’s settings. You will find a variety of distinctive settings buttons like the other digital cameras. In this latest camera, manufacturers also separate video record button, so you can instantly record the events in a row without the hassle of searching for the other modes. Unique, the buttons are located near the monitor on the back side is designed very minimalist. Vendors even presenting mode knob like a DSLR camera in this best digital camera. You will find a broad look at 3 inch LCD screen.

Overall this camera is very fitting shape of the hands. Comes with quality metal materials, makes the whole body feels more sturdy and easy to carry. You do not have to worry anymore if you want to use this camera outdoors. Vendors are already pinning features water resistance to a depth of 10 meters, resistant to cold temperatures to -25 degrees Celsius to hardiness of the height of 2.1 meters.

Image Quality & Resolution

The best digital cameras made ​​by Olympus is equipped with the best technology BSI CMOS image sensor. This digital camera can produce images of the biggest resolutions up to 3968 x 2976 pixels which is a small 640 x 480 pixels. In terms of video, the camera is capable of recording with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and 640 x 480 pixels with HD quality. This camera can produce images with JPEG and RAW. For video, these cameras produce MOV video format.

You will find a wide range of shooting modes for still the same as the previous series. There is a normal mode, white balance, to panoramic or macro-and 14 other modes. This camera also features auto focus supported, best EXPOSURE CONTROL with ISO 100 -6400 and magic filters to give effect to the shots.


In this new device, the Olympus tether upgraded 16 megapixel resolution image sensor. Powered TruePixVII best processor, this camera is able to produce the best quality images and displays clear images with lighting, more sharp and accurate. This technology also makes the quality of the images Olympus Stylus Tough camera TG-850 IHS is not much different from a premium quality camera shots. Interestingly, there is rumored to Live Easy guide which directs you to get the best shots.


Best digital camera, the Olympus Stylus Tough TG-850IHS armed with 21-05mm lens with 5x optical zoom (2x Super Resolution Zoom + 4x Digital Zoom) which brings you to capture more detailed images. Features Multi-motion Image Stabilizer and Video Stabilization, a powerful capable of reducing noise and blur on shots. Advanced Supplementary shadow adjustment technology, backlight HDR, Smart panoramic increasingly pamper you in the target image. Olympus promises the best in the premium features waterproof and durable this.

Following a review video of the Olympus Stylus Tough TG-850 IHS


For those of you who need a digital compact camera with quality features for all terrain and conditions, Olympus Stylus Tough TG8-50 IHS camera could be the right choice. Carrying upgraded CMOS image-sensor-and the latest processor TruePix make this best cheap camera shots no less the premium camera. Additional features waterproof, anti-dust, anti-shake anti-freeze to make this gadget is suitable for you who like adventure or streets.