Review: NX30 – The Samsung’s latest DSLR camera with 20MP and Live Streaming Capability

Samsung with the latest breakthroughs in the field of professional digital SLR cameras re-released the latest cameras. Looks like Samsung is so serious to the development of this professional camera products. Samsung has just released NX30 camera. A new
DSLR camera from samsung as the successor of Samsung NX20 in 2013 and has been released. In this latest Samsung camera much improvement and development of its predecessor the camera. Improved performance and quality of wireless connectivity and the ability to become Samsung’s main focus on the development of this camera than its predecessor. Along with this camera, Samsung released its newest S Series Lens 16-55mm Premium-Lens.

Samsung NX30 camera offers a 20.3 Megapixel camera quality is with a APS-C CMOS sensor, which allows the users camera captures images with a high quality and professional. Samsung NX30 camera comes with a solid body that fits in the palm of the hand of the user. This camera body measuring 5×3,75×1,64 inches. The camera is also designed with mirrorless technology, which means that this camera offers the features and quality of a DSLR camera more portable.

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This latest Samsung camera design is a compact provides comfort while shooting on the user, as well as the hand grip on the NX30 gives the impression of a stable. NX30 is built from strong and sturdy material with a high quality, yet light to carry. There are several key settings on this camera is designed to provide users more easily and quickly in the set shooting modes.


The NX30 has a very rapid acceleration, which gives the user take a picture in a matter of seconds. Flash contained on this camera is also faster arise if ordered than other cameras. In addition to the External Flash performance that is connected wirelessly has high speed connectivity with devices allowing for a more intuitive lighting when shooting.

Samsung also claims the new metal materials contained on this new camera can provide better efficiency of light to reach the camera sensor. Auto focus system on the new Samsung camera is also optimized to allow faster focusing and better accuracy. For the ISO setting of the camera is capable of between 100 to 25,600.

For the latest user interface Samsung camera is equipped with a 3-inch LCD touch screen with a resolution of 1024×768 or 288 ppi. The touch screen on this LCD is easier to use and more responsive, although the menu on the LCD display is a bit troublesome that many of the users. In this camera there are also 16 Smart Mode that makes it easy for users to capture images with different modes. The modes include Smart Face Beauty, Landscape, Macro, Action Freeze, Rich Tone, Panorama, Waterfall, Silhouette, Sunset, Night, Fireworks, Light Trace, Creative Shot, Best Face, Multi-Exposure, and Smart Jump Shot.

For video recording mode The new Samsung camera can record video with Full HD 1080p picture quality, and can record sound using the 3.5mm microphone input port. Users can also display Live Streaming to a display using the HDMI port located on the camera. Live Streaming capability can also enjoy the on-screen tablet or smartphone you use the Remove Viewfinder Pro app.


Along with the launch of Samsung’s latest camera, NX30, Samsung also introduced the new S series lens, wide angle lens 16 – 50mm with a maximum aperture range F3 – F5.6. This lens is quite lightweight. This lens is also designed with Silent Auto Focusing, in which the feature is not a noise when the lens is looking for an auto focus point. Samsung also built this lens with Optical Image Stabilization designed to help reduce blur when taking a photo.

Here’s a video review of the Samsung NX30


In this camera also embed features Samsung Smart Connectivity, which allows users to connect to a wireless network, and sharing of content through NFC. Images can be marked directly on the screen of the device and shared instantly by email, social networking, Cloud Storage, or smartphones and tablets.

With Photo Beam feature, the user simply presses the camera, then it could be up to four NFC device which enables to share photos without prior configuration. With Auto Share, users can set the camera so that the latest Samsung immediately send all photos to their smartphones or tablets. Samsung also has a Remote Viewfinder Pro app one at NX30 features that allow users to change their smartphone or tablet into a viewfinder of a camera to take pictures as well as control the camera remotely.