Review: MeCam – a Unique Video Camera Shaped PIN with 5 MP Sensor

At the beginning of 2013, the market presence of the camera device uniquely shaped miniature video camera helicopter named MeCam. Camera video made by the company Always Innovating is mounted on a quadcopter covering the palm of the hand. No doubt, the camera also called MeCam-Copter it can be used to take panoramic pictures.

Well, now comes another unique mini video camera the same name, also MeCam, but has a different shape and much smaller. MeCam camera-shaped pin on this one, so much easier when operated. To guarantee the quality of the resulting video, the camera is equipped with a 5 megapixel resolution sensor.

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Design and Control

As already mentioned above, the camera is designed with design MeCam a pin. So, not too flashy for many people when used. Therefore, it is not impossible this video camera can be used as a surveillance camera, in addition to filling the lifestyles of the users who have high mobility.

In addition, the weight of MeCam camera is also light and small dimension only 1.9 inches, making it easy to carry. On the left, there are three main buttons, the On / Off button, and a button to take videos and photos. To make it look more attractive, this camera is available in five colors, ie green, black, purple, white, and blue.

To use this MeCam camera, users stay hooked to the clothes by using a safety pin attached to the back of this tiny camera, just like wearing a pin. Additionally, this camera can also be worn around the neck with a rope that has been provided in the sales package, or pinned to the bag.

Image Quality and Resolution

Although it can not promise image quality equivalent to a digital camera or other gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, but at least it has the ability MeCam camera capable enough for the size of a surveillance camera. For that, the camera is equipped with a 5 megapixel sensor that is implanted in the lens.

As a result, the camera is capable of recording video MeCam and produce images with a resolution of 720 pixels HD. In addition, this camera also can still provide high-quality video and images even when used in low light conditions or at night. Because, this camera features Infrared (IR) with six LED lights.


Although it is very small, but the performance-MeCam camera is good enough, thanks to a number of software it uses. The proof, this camera also can make as many as 1 x optical zoom. Meanwhile, to provide good sound quality, available on board microphone on this device, which is capable of capturing the sound of up to 10 meters.

In addition, to support the performance on this MeCam camera, paired type Lithium Ion battery that can last up to 80 minutes of use of this camera. To use this camera is also quite easy, with the adjacent three main buttons, including a button that integrates IR with image capture button on the left side of the body.


MeCam The camera is also equipped with a number of features, such as T-Flash and USB port. Thus, users can easily transfer the video or photos taken by this camera to other devices such as computers. Users can use a USB cable connection to transfer files.
In addition, it also has a camera MeCam internal memory capacity is large enough, ie 4 GB is used to record a one-hour video. In fact, if users want an internal memory capacity of a much larger, 8 GB variant is also available with the capability of recording up to 2 hours, and 16 GB for video recording 4 hours.

Here’s a video review of the MeCam Pin Camera


The presence of this MeCam camera can certainly be a collection for fans of photography. In addition, the unique video camera from a company Hands-free Wearable Video Camera Live which is owned by businessman named Drew Martin and is based in Miami, the United States, could also be a solution when it comes to taking pictures in difficult locations. About the price, this MeCam camera for sale with a tag that is quite affordable, only $ 49.99. Meanwhile, for the memory of 8 GB variant simply add $ 10, and $ 20 for 16 GB memory variants. In the sales package, also available USB cable and rope accessories.