Review: Leica M 240 – Compact Digital Camera and Rangefinder

Who says photography hobby is expensive? Certainly does not have to be expensive and not always expensive to produce good images. But if it is associated with a Leica product, it seems the opinion is not valid. Because the brand is known for at a price that is ‘crazy’, as an example of the Leica M 240.

Introduce, Leica M 240 were included in the compact digital camera type view and rangefinder. A very fancy camera, or even very very fancy and not recommended for those photography enthusiasts that have a mediocre budget. Leica M 240 is included in the Leica product line, Leica M series 35mm Full Frame sensor types and reaches 24 MP effective pixels.

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This camera was first launched to the public in September 2012 by the company Leica Camera AG from Germany. Leica M 240 is presented as a successor to the Leica M9 camera range. There are many new and modern features are pinned on this camera, which are the first M model that features movie recording. But also retains some of the old features that are the hallmark of Leica products. A camera that is suitable for a variety of conditions and a wide range of photographic needs. Many people who made ​​indecisive to choose Leica M 240 or buy a car.


Judging from the overall body design, Lecia M 240 is very typical at all and almost similar to various other Leica series. Shaped like a pocket or a mirrorless camera, is quite small and may be seen as a retro camera. On the back or the operation, the lettering is always in the Leica camera “Leica Camera Made in Germany”. Right side grip is not so wide, only slightly but still feels comfortable to use. In addition, there are only practical on the right navigation button plus info and versatile lever next to the top. Other buttons located on the left which include LV (Live View), Play, Delete, ISO, menu and SET. Very very simple, and turned to Japan, where the more expensive the product, the more buttons.

Because this is a digital camera, then of course available LCD display is designed with 3 inch reach 920,000 pixels. Do not forget to tell us that it is still available rangefinder viewfinder applying the upper left side of the camera. Allows you still can feel ‘pleasure’ in lock focus by merging two images from the viewfinder and the lens.

While at the top you will see a circle with inscribed numbers. Very strange to you that the Japanese often use a DSLR, because the dots on this Leica camera-not-to set the shooting mode, but for the setting-Shutter-Speed. While the shutter release button located beside the sphere with the option of various fashion shoot. Hot shoe for external flash and other components remain located in the upper center.

Key Features

You can set the shutter speed from 60 seconds to 1/4000 figures sec. DSLR generally only able to set a minimum of 30 seconds. You can shoot with longer exposure to get abundant light. Improvements also occurred on the features of the Leica M9 which the ISO has noise at ISO 1600 even if you have to pay attention to more detail to see it.

For Leica M 240 claimed to be very clean although set at ISO 3200. Of course far exceeds cleanliness offered DSLR cameras in general. To achieve the maximum ISO-6400 and the minimum is 100 for cleanliness truly awake.

Features In

Leica M 240 using a CMOS type image sensor 24 megapixel resolution designed specifically for Leica by Belgian company CMOSIS. The sensor contains 6,000 4,000 pixels on a grid of 6 x 6 m ², and is made by STMicroelectronics in Grenoble. Of course the image quality is becoming a major security, and very natural.

In addition, you need to know also that this camera uses MAESTRO image processor with video features. This processor is based on Fujitsu Milbeaut. You do not have to worry about dirt or water, because the components in the Leica M 240 has been wrapped with special protective rubber stamp designed to protect against dust and water spray.


Leica M 240 is generally sold with a body only, but still supports the majority of M-mount lenses, and with the optional R-Adapter camera may be possible to use almost all Leica R-mount lenses. Even apart from the Live View allows the owner to use the R-lens electronic viewfinder is optional.

Unfortunately, additional components are available as an electronic finder EVF turns manifold is made ​​in China out of plastic. Clearly this course is unacceptable and Leica actually criticized it out because this cheap components. One of the observer photography named Ken Rockwell calls even EVF components made ​​in China is a waste of plastic that makes full house alone.


As it is known that the Leica M 240 supports HD video recording feature, reaching 1080p, 720p, 640, 480 (VGA) that is capable of running at a speed of 25 fps, 24 fps, 30 fps (VGA only). The total dimensions Leica M 240 reached 139 × 42 mm × 80 (5.5 × 3.1 × 1.7 in) and weighs 680 g (24 oz). Although Leica is a German brand, but for AD 240 is the manufacturing plant located in Portugal (90%) and the rest in Germany (10%), as well as a component of China. The use of lithium ion batteries is, 7.4V, 1,800 mAh. Quite able to shoot 500 images on a single charge.

Following a review video of the Leica M 240