Review: Ibanez Iron Label RGIR28FE 8-String Electric Guitar

For the lovers of metal music, especially guitar. This time was no need to fuss and confusion again in the search for a guitar character, which fits with that loud music genres. The reason, recently a Japanese guitar manufacturer Ibanez has launched a special guitar for that music genre. One type that has been the launch was ‘Ibanez RGIR28 FE’, a type of eight metal guitar strings.

Eight-string guitar was created not to just show off style, but it is made ​​to fit the needs of the character and quality of sound is achieved. Namely, low, metal, weight and energy. For construction, RGIR28 still relatively adopt chassis frame, from the design of the RG series. Starting from the headstock, neck to the body. Only just a different size. Because it has eight strings, neck and body look wider and even large size,. To measure the thickness and tuning guitar strings used are ranging in size from 009, 011, 016, 024, 032, 042, 054, and 065. While tuning the strings used are 1 = Eb, Bb = 2, 3 = Gb, 4 = Db, Ab = 5, 6 = Eb, Bb = 7, and 8 = F. This tuning is set as the standard for the character of modern heavy sound.

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Variety of features embedded also fairly classy pro and high taste. It can be seen from the various features of modern technologies used in it like Gibraltar Standard-8 bridge, Nitro Wizard-8 5 ply maple wood material / walnut Wizard titanium rods, and using dual humbucker pickups EMG 808. In the body, contoured double cutaway guitar is using wood materials basswood. Accompanied by a glossy black finish makes RGIR28 metal and elegant look.

Although it looks big and wide neck, cutaway designs on the corner of his seemingly appear sharp and wide enough on each curve. It is still easier for the fingers to reach every fret position. For connection of the body to the neck, using a system that used a system of bolt on or use four fastening screws on the back of the body.

In the neck, the guitar scale 27 inches (68.58 cm) has 5 layers of wood materials wizard maple and walnut, also equipped with technology w / KTS ™ titanium reinforcement. On the fingerboard, rosewood material embedded 24 jumbo frets, no inlays. For playability, of course, had no doubt about it comfort.


  • Nitro Wizard-8 neck
  • Basswood body
  • Jumbo frets
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Gibraltar Standard8 bridge
  • EMG 808 neck pu
  • EMG 808 bridge pu
  • Killswitch equipped

In essence, the concept offered Ibanez Iron Label intended for the guitarist who wants to remain grim guitar sound character, and still look metal. Ibanez Iron Labels tend to still use the construction design of the RG series and S series. Ibanez type RGIR28 FE itself is one of a series of Ibanez Iron Label type. Where there are also other types such as RGIR20EBK (6 strings), RGIR27 FEBK (7 strings), and SIR27FDIPT (7 strings). Good luck.

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