Review: Ibanez BB9 9 Series Bottom Boost Distortion Pedal

When the sound is embedded in the concept of digital still considered to not meet the needs of the desired sound, analog guitar effects pedal or stompbox type would be the right choice for the guitarist to put in a series of guitar effects menu. Ibanez who has been successful with a Tube Screamer pedal, has released the newest pedal stompbox effects models, the Ibanez BB9 Bottom Booster series is a type of guitar effects Ibanez 9 series.

Judging from their construction, the effect of the weight of 570 grams and measuring the size of 124 x 74 x 53 mm was packed with material steel and silver-colored boxes in all parts of the body. Looks elegant and very powerful even stand on legs on it. In part it is also pinned sophisticated electronic components and wiring latest Japanese hi-end quality. So quite promising ability.

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There are three control knob on the control panel, the gain, tone and level. Also fitted with LED signal lights, as a notification on / off. When the effect is turned on, the LED light will turn red, sign booster is active and ready to boost voice signals to the amplifier. Pedal switch button also looks strong and ready to be the landing foot foundation.

Basically, the performance of Ibanez BB9 created as a booster effect to lift the sound of the guitar signal becomes stronger, contains, and characterized. Neither clean sound format or drives. When tested (guitar-effect-amp). In a clean format (bypass), a normal heard guitar sound. However, when the effect is activated, the position gain setting knob, tone and level in the 12 o’clock position, the heard sound signal corresponding desired target, become stronger, and sounded a little bit of a drive. The character of the guitar sound becomes more bright. When turned off, the results also remain robust true bypass without cutting the sound signal. So stay comfortable when combined with a series of other types of guitar effects.

This pedal has a 9 volt 38mA DC adapter as a power source, or can also use a 9 volt battery box. In order to keep the effects of maximal resistance, should replace the batteries after 12 hours of use. Guitar effects pedal stompbox type is still the best choice in the selection of guitar sound character while on stage or in the studio. In addition to easy and simple to use, the type of analog guitar effects is able to give the character a thicker sound, tangible and stable compared with the type of digital guitar effects. By adjusting the control knob and stepped on the pedal effects, sound was ready to be served. Stay comfortable for all genres of music.

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