Review: Gibson N-225 Electric Guitar

N-225 is a new model guitar from Gibson Guitars. This guitar combines modern and vintage style, with a view as seen SG guitar, the Les Paul standard and ES series. The first impression that we get from the model design is, like the “Nighthawk” or “Flying V.” Gibson N-225 is clearly not going to be considered with the modern type of look.

With a large maple body with a double cutaway asymmetrical; and also has two F-holes that allow us to see the inside of the hollow body. The entire hardware is black and the neck has a rectangular inlays. This guitar uses the connection Maple set neck construction with having enough slim profile, very typical in the late 60’s, with 22 jumbo frets and fretboard rosewood medium. There are three colors available for this model: Ebony, Faded Cherry and Natural. In fact, there are also the Flames design which is the fruit of collaboration between Gibson and graphic artist Rick Harris, better known as his pinstriping Hot Rods. All finished in a traditional high gloss.

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On the bridge, this guitar carries a very interesting combo consisting of a tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece vibrola behind. Tune-O-Matic bridge using six independent saddle that can be adjusted. Vibrato tailpiece, which is called “Vibrola,” has been used on a signature model guitar SG Angus Young and Frank Zappa. Finally, six 3×3 Grover tuners installed on the headstock to hold them perfectly in place, minimizing the risk of detuning.

N-225 is equipped with two passive pickups. On the neck using P90 pickups (single coil), while the Brdge using open-coil humbucker called “Dirty Fingers”. All pickups are controlled by using a simple control unit and has a volume button and three-way toggle pickup switch. Note that both feature a push-pull system that extends the bridge pickup combined with a switch from humbucker to single coil-when pulled.

Here’s a review video of the Gibson N-225:

According to reviews of some users, the N-225 Gibson guitar is a guitar that is very comfortable to play. It is balanced and not heavy. The body is not too large to facilitate the position of the right arm (for right-handed players). N-225 offers quite a variety of tones. P-90 pickup in the neck sounds great on the clean sound, but it’s better when you apply a bit of dirt to punky sounds rhythms. For the Dirty Fingers pickup in the bridge, it works very well for a heavier sound, without muddying the P-90 pickups. Overall, there is a real sense of clarity of the N-225: pickup robust yet dynamic sound, and each note audible, even at high gain. In addition, the chamber body and f-holes help create a resonant feedback when needed.

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