Restoring the Factory Settings your Roland TD-30 Drum Module

V-Drums is a variety of electronic drums, drum brain modules, and related electronic percussion product manufactured and trademarked by Roland Corporation. The primary V-Drums products are complete electronic drum kits. Each V-Drums kit is composed of the following: Triggers which serve as an electronic alternative for acoustic drums, acoustic cymbals, and other acoustic percussion instruments. A module, the central processing unit to which all triggers connect. And a stand, upon which the triggers and module are mounted via clamps.

Enter the new TD-30. This is a ‘next generation’ drum module, the first of its kind (with other Roland kits following closely behind) to feature Roland’s SuperNATURAL Behaviour Modelling digital signal processing technology. This sound engine (which replaces Roland’s COSM), was originally developed for the V-Piano and is now filtering down through the Roland ranges of pianos, keyboards and now V-Drums.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring the factory settings in your Roland TD-30 Drum Module, first press the SETUP button to enter the SETUP A screen. press the F4 button and then press the F5  button. When a confirmation message appear, press F5  button again to start the Factory Reset operation. When the factory reset has been completed, you must specify whether you want to enable or disable the auto-off function (I recomend you to choose disable the auto-off function). Finally press the EXIT button to return to the SETUP screen.

Warning! When you execute this operation, all data and settings in the TD-30 will be lost. So be sure to back up any information you wish to keep. This procedure also applies to the TD-30K and TD-30KV drum module unit. Hopefully the article of “Restoring the Factory Settings your Roland TD-30 Drum Module” can help you.

Reference: Roland TD-30 manual

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