Restoring Factory Settings Digitech RP360 Guitar Multi-Effects

The DigiTech RP360 guitar multi-effect processor is a complete 360° guitar effects solution. It’s a useful and easy-to-use tone tool with 198 presets (99 factory, 99 user), a ton of great amp and cabinet models, more effects than you can shake a GSP 2101 at, 60 built-in drum tracks, and a bunch of handy features for practicing, direct recording, or just whiling away an afternoon making weird noises in your headphones. The intuitive LCD interface makes it easy to explore and nail the perfect tone.

According to several user reviews of Digitech RP360 Guitar Multi-Effects, some users have praised it for the very good amp and cab models; Excellent Sound Quality; lots of virtual stompboxes; and Versatile. But some users also have complaints for the don’t Update Firmware.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring the factory settings of Digitech RP360 Guitar Multi-Effects, first press the System button, and then press either the Select knob repeatedly until “4/4” appears in the upper right-hand corner of the LCD display and turn the EDIT 2 knob. Finally press and hold the Select knob to confirm the action.

Warning! This procedure will restore all RP presets and system settings back to their factory default state. Hopefully the article of “Restoring Factory Settings Digitech RP360 Guitar Multi-Effects” was useful.

Reference: Digitech RP360 Manual