Resetting Sony Alpha SLT-A77 DSLR Digital Camera

Sony as a manufacturer of top class camera again announce its newest product called the Sony SLT-A77 II. So on this occasion we will make a little camera review of Sony SLT-A77II. As the successor to the Sony SLT-A77, this camera is still using the 24-megapixel sensor. New stuffregarding censorship on the A77 Mark II is using autofocus sensor features a totally new, totally new to say because the autofocus sensor, which carried the most recent version of the most fresh and never seen on any camera in the market. Autofocus sensor on the A77 Mark II uses the highest focal point with 79 points. It is able to cover a large area on the frame.

Sony SLT-A77 II has two modes of auto systems, which is actually not a new thing for the new range of cameras made ​​by Sony. The system that we know is a system of normal auto ISO, and JPEG-only which works by taking three pictures at once and combine into one image to reduce noise in the final result. In auto ISO system, the user can set the upper limit and lower limit on the ISO setting in accordance with existing standards, but can not make the shutter speed setting options that can increase the sensitivity of the camera with respect to the light conditions.

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Sony A77 II has a LCD screen that is the same as its predecessor the Sony SLT-A77, the 3-inch LCD screen. The difference is on the A77 II screen that is attached using a combination of tilt and swivel joints. This makes Sony’s newest camera can easily be used to capture images with a very difficult angle. With a blend of movement of the screen, the user can also perform selfie photo with the screen facing forward positions above the viewfinder. The other section we also get an electronic viewfinder which is also unchanged from the previous series. It is still the best. In the viewfinder, users can find XGA resolution, and OLED technology. EVF is large enough due to 1.09X magnification. Quite a terrific frame coverage up to 100%, it is certainly in accordance with the expectations of the users.

Broadly speaking, the Sony SLT-A77 camera II has not changed much from its predecessor. But the real change was seen in the 79-point autofocus system, this is really new in the world of photography. While other changes are in the LCD that uses a combination of rotary and tilt joints. This is very advantageous, because the changes there, users can more freely use the camera to capture images in a variety of difficult angles. It can be concluded, that this camera is a positive change for ease of use.

Factory Reset:

To restoring Sony SLT-A77 II to it’s factory settings, conform to the following instructions:

  • Press [MENU] button
  • Select “SETUP 3”, which is represented by a “wrench and 3 icon”
  • Select Initialize
  • Select the desired setting
  • OK

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Reference: Sony SLT-A77 II manual