Resetting Rocktron Xpression Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Rocktron have been designing and building high-quality effects for guitarists for longer than I can remember, and the Xpression continues that tradition. The Rocktron Xpression Guitar Multi Effects Processor comes with 128 presets for guitar and bass and lets you use up to 10 effects together. Includes many vintage and classic stompbox-style effects with multivoiced delay and chorus for both live and recording. Delay and Rate tap controls, 4-band parametric EQ, active/passive input switch, D.I. out with speaker simulator, analog bypass, and Hush noise reduction gives you lots of options. 24-bit DSP processing, MIDI programmable.

According to several user reviews, they have praised Rocktron Xpression for the clean and warm effects; Straightforward operating system; Large display for live use; Switchable pre-effects low-cut filter for bass use. Also, some users have complained it for the disappointing speaker simulation; Only one reverb algorithm.

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Factory Reset:

  • Select “FACTORY RESTORE” by turn the [FUNCTION SELECT] control.
  • Then, select “ALL RESTORE 0” by turn the [PARAMETER SELECT] control.
  • Next, use the [PARAMETER ADJUST] control to enter the number “243” and then press the [STORE] button to start the Factory Reset operation.

When the factory reset has been completed, the display should read “ERRORS 0”. If you want to restoring the Xpression controller assignments without affecting presets and other stored information, enter a code number of “244” at Step 3.

Warning! This procedure will permanently erase all user presets and replace them with the original factory presets. Before you perform this operation, check whether there is any data you want to keep. Hopefully the article of “Resetting Rocktron Xpression Guitar Multi Effects Processor” can help you.

Reference: Rocktron Xpression manual