Resetting Rocktron MIDI Raider MIDI Footcontroller Pedal

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The Rocktron MIDI Raider as a stand-alone foot controller can be completely customized for your gear requirements. It can be set up to your specs in three operating modes: Bank Mode, Song Mode and Remote Mode. The Bank Mode has 120 presets and each instant switch can be set up global or per preset. Song Mode allows up to 150 songs to be stored with 15 presets per song. Remote mode automatically programs the footswitch to match Rocktron remote-compatible units.

According to several user reviews, they have praised Rocktron MIDI Raider for the super easy to use; Awesome midi controller that takes care of all midi needs from channel switching on my pre-amp, analogue pedals in a midi looper and of course they FX processor.

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Factory Reset:

  • Press [2ND] button and select “Memory Reinitialization” by press the [⇒] switch.
  • The code number “230” must be selected to activate the initialization process. Use the [INC] and [DEC] switches to set the code number to “230”.
  • To execute the function, press the [STORE] button.

Warning! This operations will erase the entire memory of the MIDI Raider and return it to its original condition as shipped from the factory. Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. Hopefully thearticle of “Resetting Rocktron MIDI Raider MIDI Footcontroller Pedal” can help you.

Reference: Rocktron MIDI Raider manual

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